[EBOOK] How to be a better performer in 10 minutes



Are you among the people that get involved in pole dancing & aerial acrobatics movement? Well, congratulations! Now, if you are among the people that find pole dancing & aerial acrobatics fascinating, the very first thought that will come across your mind is how you become a better performer.With the tips and tricks listed in this eBook, you can become an amazing performer in ten minutes.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

1.    How you will get used to flowing with your body in time to the music, and also how to be able to identify each bar.
2.    How to drop the mask that shields the “real self” in public.
3.    How to walk and how to use your eyes effectively.
4.    How important are facial expressions. Leave that deadpan expression to poker players!

*This eBook is created and brought to you by Vertical Wise

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