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Pole Dance or Pole and Dance? Slava Ruza in an exclusive interview

Pole Dance or Pole and Dance? Slava Ruza on an exclusive interview
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We had the pleasure of meeting Slava Ruza in person· a great dancer and pole artist. He is originally from Latvia, but he moved to Sweden almost 8 years ago. Slava has discovered pole dance in 2013 and since then pole dance became a big part of his dancing life. Nowadays, he has full-time job in the office, he teaches and practices pole in the North Pole Studio and he also dances from time to time in the theater.

We had the opportunity to chat with him. As he said, pole dance is the perfect way for dancers to expand their skills and open a new way to defy the gravity. Better to let him do the talking in this exclusive interview at Vertical Wise.

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Slava Ruza enjoying the interview with Dora Charisiadi and Elli Voulgari from Vertical Wise


Sitting and chatting! Konstantin Kosovec, aerial artist, joined us!

1. Why Pole?

I think what appeals me in pole dance the most is that you can bring your dance into another dimension. Floor and air are connected with pole – it is pure magic! This is the perfect way for dancers to expand their skills and open a new way to defy the gravity. It is also a great physical exercise and the best way to stay in a good shape.

slava_ruza_workshop32. Pole ___  (fill in the blank!)

With what phrase would you combine it? Fitness, sports, dance, art? Which one expresses yourself in the best way?

I would say SPACE. It is so much bigger nowadays than just dance, sport or any kind of exercise. Some people have all their lives dedicated to pole culture – they compete, they teach, they travel, they earn money or they just express themselves with pole dance.

3. Pol’ography: Tell us a few words about that. What elements combines?

Basically, it is just a choreography class with incorporated elements on the pole. For me it’s the way to share my style on the pole – how I see it and how I feel it. It is about finding inspiration for new routine you want to create, or maybe just challenge yourself with something different from a regular pole class.


During his Pol’ography workshop at Vertical Divas Studio, Athens, Greece.

4. Pole and Olympic Games. A dream that will come true?

I don’t dream about it. Pole sport is something I do when I have cravings for competition spirit. It is for sure not the main reason why I dance on the pole. We are all humans and sometimes it is hard to resist this temptation to be on the top. But with time you come to the point when you realize that the only competitor you have is yourself.

Every routine I create is my own Olympic Game. I set the goals for myself not the people around me. Click To Tweet
signing autographs

Signing autographs

5. Pole and Dance. Is it the perfect match?

Pole & Dance is like milk and chocolate – it is good together, but also great each by itself! Click To Tweet

6. Where do you see Pole in 5 years from now?

Probably in every gym and in every show!


Slava Ruza with Konstantin Kosovec, Kseniia Kochenkova, Elli Voulgari and Dora Charisiadi.

7. What about Aerial and Pole? Do you combine those two arts?

I never tried seriously any other apparatus than pole. I think all aerial disciplines have one thing that I miss – connection to the floor. You know I am like that bird that wants to fly but still being able to walk on the ground and do it with grace 🙂

Thank you Slava!!

We would also like to thank Vertical Divas Studio, Athens for the hospitality 🙂

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