10 Best Pre-Workout Foods for Pole Dancers

Written by Lavera Stewart

Pole dancer enthusiasts emphasize that a pre-workout meal for muscle gain is essential. This is why, in this article, we’ll focus on what to eat 30 minutes before workout. With the best pre-workout meal for muscle gain and knowing what to eat before a workout to lose weight, your pre-workout process will be smooth without bumps. So, here are some of the best pre-workout meals for muscle gain.

What Will You Learn?

  • The best foods to be used for pole dancers’ pre-workouts
  • The ingredients in these meals and how they help.
  • How to prepare these meals.


If you’re someone who enjoys pole dancing and perhaps even does it as a career, then it’s required of you to hit the gym for muscle gain. In the gym, for you to perform efficiently like a Mustang, you’ll need to eat appropriately. In light of this, for you to achieve exceptional results, you have to take a right pre-workout meal for muscle gain.

Come to think of it, any muscle car with the usual unleaded fuel will struggle to perform optimally, and this shouldn’t be the case for you as a pole dancer. Pre-workout nutrition needs to contain high amounts of carbohydrates, moderate amounts of protein, and provide low fat in fiber. It’s generally said that carbohydrates offer the highest numbers of energy; therefore, the more the principal meal, the higher the chances of digestion. So, here is the best pre-workout meal for muscle and bodybuilding.

Why Are Pre-workout Foods Important For Pole Dancers?

Pole dancing is one of those professions that entail the use of sophisticated moves that require immense practice and fit bodies. For you to maintain this high-intensity activity and perform to the best of levels, you’ll need to have your diet tailored for top-notch pole dancing standards. In light of this, below are some of the best pre-workout foods for pole dancers:

1. Plain Yogurt With Cereals And Fruits

Fruits, especially berries and bananas with cereals, are meals that give quick-digesting carbohydrates that help you fuel your muscle gain pre-workout. According to research, the cereal-based should best contain seeds and nuts from wholesome plants like millet, and oats. Other sources of carbohydrates that are used in the brewing of this muscle gain meal are coconut oil, vanilla, and sugar. The sugar level should be moderate, and the yogurt to be used needs to be plain with no flavors.

2. Whole-Fruit Beverage Pre-Workout Meal

Fruits are usually composed of simple sugars that are easily digested as you pre-workout. Therefore, the ingredients for this smoothie can be peanut butter, milk, bananas, and oats with half an avocado. Then all that must be done is to blend all these ingredients, and you’ll get yourself an excellent pre-workout muscle gain meal.

3. Protein Blueberries, And Oatmeal Meals.

This kind of beverage is usually used for the pole dancers who run late for pre-workouts. What must be done to acquire this meal is to blend butter from the Almond tree, oats, and blueberries. This meal offers sustainable energy to the user for the long hour muscle gain pre-workout. This punch with a little adds of vanilla can also be used to prevent excessive muscle loss and help in muscle building.

4. Peanut Butter With Honey And Banana Mash-Up

Bananas, according to many gym nutritionists, are referred to as the natural energy bars for working out. This is because bananas are composed of simple carbohydrates for fuel and potassium, which is used for executing smooth muscle functions as you pre-workout for pole dancing. Afterward, apply butter on the bananas (no specific nut butter), and if you desire, you can also trickle-down honey for more natural addition of glucose in the bloodstream. This combination is most useful in the case where glycogen isn’t readily available in the body or if there are low carbohydrate amounts your body.

5. Apple With Butter And Raisins

Having fruits like raisins that are dried are fantastic sources of purely natural sugar, which is excellent for a muscle gain pre-workout. The fiber content in apples and grapes mixed with butter from the Almond tree is unique for curbing hunger. By taking this food in the morning, it will take you till the afternoon to accomplish a pole dancing muscle gain pre-workout.

6. Do It Yourself Meals

The artificial ingredients and colors are often found commercially in sports meals. With squeezed citrus juices which are excellent for muscle gain, honey sea salt and water blend all these ingredients. With that, you’ve got yourself a high carbohydrate-electrolyte muscle gain pre-workout meal.

7. Butter Balls

Preparing your butter balls for muscle gain is not something difficult. With the right recipes and ingredients like chocolate chips, oats, honey, and protein powder. With all these components blended, you’ll have a meal with high carbohydrate and protein entities that are perfect for muscle gain.

8. The Homemade Cereal-Based Bar

By making homemade cereal-based bars, you can have your body well-fueled with a little money spent. This meal requires wholesome carbohydrates, seeds, and grains with a bit of dried fruit. Having 3 of these bars, your system will have the right amount of sugar and protein for prolonged pre-workout.

9. Cheese And Dried Apricots

Cottage cheese has the right amount of casein hence making it ranked as an energy-packed breakfast. The component casein is essential to your body, for it helps in the digestion (slow) of proteins for the fueling of your muscles for a couple of hours. With this meal, your body burns fat and gains muscles hence contributing to a muscle gain, but a lot of it can cause your stomach to bloat.

10. Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwich

This pre-workout meal is quite cheap, easy, and highly accessible. In the pole dancer American culture; the advantage of having this meal is that it has both protein and carbohydrate components. These two combinations we’ll get you under intense muscle gain without any struggles.
With whole bread, apply both the jam and the peanut butter hence giving you the meal you desire. This meal is advantageous because it can be prepared quickly before a muscle gain pre-workout.


When it comes to pole dancing, no muscles can be spared. That’s why you need to work out daily, to have strong arms, among other issues. Therefore, for you to accomplish these exercises concerning pole dancing, you need to fuel up properly. That’s why, with the right amount of pre-workout meal for muscle gain, you can accomplish a day’s pre-workout smoothly and enjoy your time pole dancing. We hope that you’ve learned a lot from this piece concerning what to eat before a workout to lose weight.

So, tell us, are you conversant with what to eat 30 minutes before workout? Leave your comments below.

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