My 2016 Pole Dancing Resolutions List

My 2016 Pole Dancing Resolutions List

Only few hours left, before we welcome 2016! Only few hours left, before we dream big, raise our glasses and make a toast. All of our wishes to become true… all of our goals to be reached!

But… what does a Pole dancer desire, dream, wish for, in the new year?

Believe me when I say that we, pole dancers are maniacs, in a good sense of course! We are so passionate and so enthusiastic about what we do, that we love to set goals, totally unrealistic most of the time, but work hard to reach them. You see, it’s not only the end result that matters to us… it is the journey that counts!

So, come on you beautiful people! Get your pens and notebooks and write down the things to do this coming year! Mine sum up to four.

My 2016 Pole Dancing Resolutions List

1. Nail that move!

You know what I’m talking about… the “move”. The one you have attempted a hundred times, maybe a thousand times but for some magical reason you can not do! It has been haunting your dreams, getting on your nerves. But THIS YEAR, this is going to change! You only have to believe it. If you can dream it, you can do it!

2. Get flexy!

How many times have you dreamed of your toes touching the back of your head? How many times have you watched your fellow poler doing the spatchcock and wished you could be as bendy and glorious as her? No more! Cause THIS YEAR, you will become super flexy. You will become the Bendy Kate of your school! The Felix Cane of your continent! You only need to be consistent and persistent! You have a whole new year to go for it!

3. Get out of the closet!

Facebook and Instagram are full of videos made from pole dancers from all around the world. We have the “dazzling” ones, mesmerizing their viewers with their beauty and their exotic moves. We have the “super heroes”, leaving their fans astonished by their out of this world combos. You, on the other hand, cannot perform a single move in front of your mirror, without feeling self-conscious. Well, this has to change THIS YEAR! It’s about time to let others see what you can do! You will get thousands of Likes and people will finally see the real “You” – a Pole Diva!

4. Create your own signature move!

Performing difficult moves is one thing. Creating your own move is another. THIS YEAR you are going to leave your mark. A move with your name on it. How is this done? Free style dance is the answer. No matter how hard you practice, If you don’t let yourself free to dance your own way, you can never discover your personal style. Play your favorite song, dress the way you feel and dance your heart out! Be creative, think beyond what you’ve been taught. Feel the pole, feel the floor and enjoy it!

Once you have your own 2016 Pole Dancing Resolutions List ready, be sure that you make a bunch of photocopies of it. One copy you stick up on the fridge and another one on your bedroom mirror. Do not forget to give one copy to your teacher and make him/her swear that he/she will be there to whip you into shape and help get you back on track just in case you don’t stick to your list! This way you have a better chance of reaching those goals.

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

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Matina Panayiotaki

Pole artist/ elevatED Level 1 Pole Instructor
MSc Behavior Therapist

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