5 pole phrases that we all say, hear or scream while Pole Dancing

5 pole phrases that we all say, hear or scream while Pole Dancing

At one point or another we have all said, heard or screamed the below phrases and although from one country to another the size of pleaser heels may change, or the names of figures may be different but those OH SO FAMILIAR Pole Phrases never change.

1. Point your Toes

Alternative Phrases: “This is not Happy Feet”, “That flex is blinding me”, “When I mean flex I mean your muscles, not your feet”.

Theoretical Importance: Just like any other sport, pole requires grace. The pointing of the toes ensures that the legs are elongated and the movement is more compact, fluid and graceful.

Practical importance: Pointing your toes means that you are working the muscles in your leg which in turn means that your body grips tighter and is in a better pole groove.

2. Pole Kisses

Alternative Phrases: “Pole Love”, “Oh my God Look at that Bruise”, “You’ll now be inducted in the Hall of Bruises”, “Embrace your Bruises”.

Theoretical Importance: A pole kiss denotes that you have banged, hit, slammed or held on for dear life onto the pole during any given move resulting in a minor or ginormous bruise.

Practical Importance: You are doing something very right!

3. Stretch – Open – Wider

Alternate Phrases: “We’re not even going there!” (Not to be confused with the same phrases used at dentist or other doctors’ offices)

Theoretical Importance: Such phrases are used usually for splits, open V’s or anything whereby the bottom part of your body must stretch open (use your imagination as this is a PG-13 article). The wider the opening the prettier the move.

Practical Importance: By ensuring that your split or V or any other figure which requires some form of flexibility and stretch is to the max – your body’s center of balance is even and it is more likely that you will not fall or slip.

4. Hold It

Alternate Phrases: “Concentrate”, “Don’t Move”, “Stay”.

Theoretical Importance: This phrase is usually uttered by a fellow student holding a phone, camera, tablet or any other form of electrical device which takes photos so as to snap that one perfect show which can later be uploaded (after you’ve filtered out the jelly belly and other unwanted bits and parts – if any) on social media.

Practical Importance: The more you hold a position the less you will fear it on the one hand and on the other, the more you get a feel for it making it easier to do once again.

5. Don’t look down OR Don’t look up

Alternative Phrases: “Stop bobbing your Head”, “Look over here”, “Look Over There”.

Theoretical Importance: It is a well-known fact that for many pole moves the body will follow where the head goes (e.g. inverting into a V is very difficult if your eyes don’t lead the way) – therefore many times your eyes and head must be in a specific position so as to ensure your center of balance.

Practical Importance: Making sure you are looking the right way (and I don’t mean for an Instagram photo) ensures that as mentioned your center of balance is correct and you do not fall flat on your face (hopefully on a padded mat).

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