Pole Dancing Slang: 5 Pole Phrases That Are Universally Recognized

Pole Dancing Slang: 5 Pole Phrases That Are Universally Recognized

At one point or another, we have all said, heard, or exclaimed the following phrases while pole dancing. Regardless of the country or pole dance style, these familiar pole phrases resonate within the pole dancing community. Let’s explore the amusing and relatable expressions that connect pole dancers worldwide.

The Top 5 Pole Dancing Phrases:

1. Point Your Toes

  • Alternative Phrases: “This isn’t ‘Happy Feet’,” “That flex is blinding me,” “When I say flex, I mean your muscles, not your feet.”
  • Theoretical Importance: Like any other sport, pole dancing requires grace. Pointing your toes ensures elongated legs and more compact, fluid, and graceful movements.
  • Practical Importance: Pointing your toes engages leg muscles, enhancing grip and pole control.

2. Pole Kisses

  • Alternative Phrases: “Pole Love,” “Oh my God, look at that bruise,” “Welcome to the Hall of Bruises,” “Embrace your Bruises.”
  • Theoretical Importance: A pole kiss signifies a collision or intense contact with the pole during a move, resulting in minor or substantial bruises.
  • Practical Importance: Bruises indicate you’re pushing boundaries and doing things right!

3. Stretch – Open – Wider

  • Alternate Phrases: “We’re going places!” (Not to be confused with phrases used at the dentist or other doctors’ offices).
  • Theoretical Importance: These phrases are commonly used during splits, open V’s, or any movement that requires the lower body to stretch open. The wider the opening, the more visually appealing the move.
  • Practical Importance: Maximal stretching and flexibility maintain balance, reducing the risk of falling or slipping.

4. Hold It

  • Alternate Phrases: “Concentrate,” “Stay still,” “Hold that pose.”
  • Theoretical Importance: Usually spoken by a fellow student capturing the perfect shot for social media, this phrase encourages maintaining a position for better photography.
  • Practical Importance: Holding a position improves confidence and familiarity with the move.

5. Don’t Look Down OR Don’t Look Up

  • Alternative Phrases: “Stop bobbing your head,” “Focus here,” “Eyes over there.”
  • Theoretical Importance: Head and eye positioning are critical for many pole dancing moves, as they dictate body movement and balance. Looking in the right direction is crucial.
  • Practical Importance: Proper eye and head alignment ensures correct balance and reduces the risk of falling.


Remember, the next time you hear or say these familiar Pole Phrases, you’re connecting with a global network of pole dancers who understand the joy and challenges of this art form. Let’s continue to celebrate Pole Phrases and the camaraderie they foster in our pole dancing adventures.

Do you have any other pole phrases to share? We would love to hear from you in the comments below. As always, thank you for reading!

About the author

Dimitra Kourmatzis

Dimitra Kourmatzis is an Attorney-at-Law by day and an aspiring pole dancer by night. Her first every experience with Pole Dancing 3 years ago proved to be a love-hate relationship - Pole loves to hate her and hates to love her! She has been a participant in a number of performances as an active member of the pole community.
She also provides legal advice on matters pertaining to sports law.

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