Refuel Your Body with These 8 Snacks After a Workout

Refuel Your Body with These 8 Snacks After a Workout
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After an intense workout, it’s crucial to refuel your body with the right nutrients to support muscle recovery and replenish your energy levels. Proper post-workout nutrition plays a vital role in maximizing the benefits of your exercise routine. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of refueling after a workout and provide you with a list of 8 snacks that are specifically designed to help you refuel and recover effectively. You can look at exercise like a simple equation. You have fuel and energy in your body that goes out while working out and you need something to replace all of that energy.

Not eating after a workout is incredibly detrimental to your whole workout routine. Even if your goal is to lose weight, your body needs something to restore what was lost during your exercise. When it comes to optimizing your fitness journey, refueling after a workout is a game-changer.

It doesn’t always have to be a full meal. You don’t have to bake chicken, rice, and leafy greens to pair with your protein shake after finishing the day.

Many people work out on the go, during lunchtime, or right before heading to work (as a quick note, make sure you’re eating breakfast if that’s you). That’s why we’ve got a list of some great snacks that you can pack up and eat as you go.

Trail Mix

Whoever invented trail mix was a genius, because this handy snack is both delicious and nutritious. While you can buy a bag at the store, it’s much easier to make some at home.

Opt for pumpkin seeds and pistachios, which are both packed with protein, to mix in with your other choice of nuts. For a healthier option, use some small dark chocolate bites instead of going for the traditional M&M’s. To add a unique twist, include some jordan almonds, almonds covered in a hard sugar shell, for a bit of extra crunch and sweetness.

Protein Bars

Well, obviously. While the protein bars you’ll find at the grocery store or any convenience store have just as much protein as they say they do, they’re often loaded with sugar. Be sure to check the labels before you make a purchase.

If you don’t want to make your own bars at home, one of the best brands out there is Larabars, which uses natural products and contains little sugar.


Yes, everyone’s favourite movie snack is a protein option. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean you should be ordering an XL popcorn every time you go see a flick.

Your safest bet is air-popped popcorn, which isn’t going to contain as much sodium or butter as microwaveable popcorn. While popcorn itself doesn’t have as much protein as other snacks listed, you can add some parmesan cheese for a few extra grams and flavour.


Jerky is a fantastic protein option, as it takes many of the meats you know and love (beef, chicken, turkey and even salmon), cuts all the fat off and then dried.

While there are plenty of jerky options in the store, these are always loaded with preservatives and sugar. You should stick to making your own at home, it’s pretty easy, instead of heading to the store.


While the majority of the snacks listed so far can be made in a short time, you’re going to have to wait for falafel. This delicious food is quite versatile but can take up to 24 hours to make.

Even though it takes 24 hours, it’s still pretty easy. Chickpeas, falafel’s main ingredients, are stuffed with protein. You can make them into little bite-sized snacks or put them into wraps.


Since we’re on the chickpea train, why not talk about hummus? Quickly becoming a favoured dip, hummus is pretty easy to make. You use chickpeas, olive oil, and some spices if you’re up for it.

With hummus, you can dip veggies, whole-grain crackers, or even just eat it plain if you’re that much of a hummus fanatic. Just make sure to hide it at work!

Peanut Butter

Even though it falls into the spread category, peanut butter is another perfect add-on you can use on plenty of other foods. Lather it on your apple slices, spread it on your celery sticks, or simply use it on a piece of whole-grain toast.

A tablespoon of peanut butter has about five grams of protein, meaning you can turn just about any snack into a protein snack.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

This is a much better option than Rocky’s egg drink, as eggs are a great source of protein. They’re more likely to contain those nutrients if they’re hardboiled, as compared to scrambled or fried.

In terms of simplicity, they’re incredibly easy to make and may just require a pinch of salt or pepper for a bit of extra taste.

By consuming the right snacks to refuel after a workout, you can enhance your body’s recovery process and promote muscle growth!

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