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The Aerial Acrobatic Silks (Aerial Silks, Aerial Tissues, Aerial ribbons, Aerial curtains) are one of the newest and most impressive arts of the circus.

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What exactly are Aerial Silks?

This is a kind of acrobatic happening during which the aerialist performs various acrobatic moves as she climbs onto a specially woven fabric which hangs from a great height with the help of a mechanism.

Based solely on his / her skill, the aerialist climbs, suspends and carries out moves, either static or combined and amazing drops which keep spectators on the edge of their seats. Such acrobatic performances may include one or more aerialists. Therefore, the aerialist must be able to ensure the same stability and security, if the performance does not include a seat belt use, which would make it impossible a group to execute.

Often, of course, the athletes use rosin or spray their palms with hairspray so as to increase the friction with the fabric so as not to slip. The fabric is flexible and ductile, thus facilitating the aerialist’s performance.

The shows with Aerial Silks offer the viewer more than an aesthetic spectacle, while, over the last few years, Aerial Silks are becoming increasingly popular.


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