Aerial Hoop buying guide: How to choose the right for me

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If you have reached an appropriate level and want to further develop your skills, then you may have thought of buying your own aerial hoop to train at home.  Make sure that you take into account the difficulties that you may encounter at home.

Can I hang it from the ceiling?

Do not attempt to hang the aerial hoop yourself. The aerial hoop should be hung from the ceiling at a point where there is concrete and not plasterboard or wood. Hire a civil engineer to find the appropriate point. The installation is a complex process and should be done only by qualified professionals.

Can I install it in the garden/yard?

For any installation process you should always consult a professional. If you want e.g. the aerial hoop to hang from a tree you need to call an geologist to evaluate the tree according to your needs so as to ensure your safety is guaranteed.

In the industry you will find special structures for outdoors. They can be assembled in 10 -15 minutes and you can hang the hoop and start training immediately like the X-Pole’s A-Frame Portable Aerial Rig for Lyra, Silks & Aerial Yoga >> Read our review herex-pole A-frame

What is the proper height?

Acrobatics on the hoop can be done whether the hoop hangs a few inches off the floor or many meters. However, a low ceiling will limit your advancement.

Size of the aerial acrobatic hoop

Size refers to the vertical internal diameter of the hoop. But how do you know what size is right for you?

Below we have 3 ways to help you find your size:

  1. Sit in a chair and measure the distance from the seat to the top of your head. Then add 5.08 cm (2 inches). The sum that is calculated is your size!
  2. Sit in a chair and put your hand on top of your head to form a fist. The measurement from the top of your hand until the seat is the size that suits you!
  3. The last type of measurement that is used by many people in the last 10 years is to measure the length of your foot. Lean forward until your body forms a right angle. The distance from the floor to the waist is the size of the hoop.

Hot tip: If you do not find your size on the market round the above result always upward!

Connection points

The aerial hoop is hung from the ceiling is done so from wither one or two connection points. How many points of connection you will have, depends on how it will be used, the desired result and your level.

Consider the following:

One point of connection (single point aerial hoop)


Single Point Aerial Hoop

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  • Single Point Aerial Hoops will rotate slightly even when rigged without a swivel, if you don’t want your hoop to rotate at all, we suggest a two point aerial hoop.
  • Swings in all directions.
  • Is unstable and can be frustrating for some poses.
  • Is suitable for installation in smaller spaces.

Two connection points (dual point aerial hoop)

Double Point Aerial Hoop

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  • Can rotate around its axis or remain stable, depending on how it will be hung.
  • Swings back and forth as swings on playgrounds.
  • Are more stable and offer balance to perform difficult movements.
  • Because of the two cords you can practice a larger range of motion over the rim. However because of installation mode required is more height.

Zero point Aerial Hoop

Zero Point Aerial Hoop

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This aerial hoop has no attachment points, or in other words is tabless. Some people like lyras without tabs for aesthetic reasons – you get a nice circle with no bits (rigging points) sticking out from it. However, most people use aerial rings with no attachment points for a combination of aesthetics and rigging reasons.

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  • Can be rigged like a one point or a two point hoop. This can be useful for people teaching lyra as you can just set up a 0 point hoop differently for each class rather than buying a one point and a two point aerial ring.
  • Allow you to use a horizontal configuration rather the regular vertical configuration.


You can choose between aluminium and stainless steel. Aluminum is lighter, which makes it easier to transport.
The steel is more rugged metal unlike aluminum and can crack after excessive use.

Solid or hollow

Whether you choose solid or hollow depends on how you use it and in particular the speed of rotation that you want. A solid hoop has greater mass, making it more difficult to rotate. But its rotation lasts much longer than a hollow hoop.


Hand loop straps are used for a variety of different purposes, you can use them for strength training, and wrist conditioning. Add them to your aerial hoop by either choking or attaching with a carabiner to give you a wider versatility of moves.  Τhis allows you to hang directly in the centre of a 1-point hoop, lean further out than you would normally be able to, and even do foot hangs!

Aerial Cotton Covered Hand Loop Strap

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Hoops are usually coated with a special adhesive tape (tape) which allows for a better grip. You can wrap the hoop yourself or ask your provider. When you need to replace the tape be sure to remove all residues of glue before retape the hoop. >>Choose one of our tapes here

Adhesive Tapes

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Additional equipment

Besides the hoop you’ll need to buy additional equipment such as for example the ropes or stropes from which it will hang, special links and the protective mattress you will place underneath. Choosing the right equipment can be a difficult process, so we recommend that you discuss all of this with your supplier before you reach a decision.


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Rigging - carabiners

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Invest in market professional products that will ensure your safety.

In making your choice, you should consider storing, transporting and whether its weight will affect each of the aforementioned items Additionally consider how often you use it.

After reviewing all these factors you will be one step closer to deciding what is the appropriate hoop for you.

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