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Pole Buying Guide
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It’s addictive, it’s fun and it’s a wonderful way to exercise. These are three of the main reasons that will motivate you to practise further at home.

Choosing a pole

Before buying your own pole for Pole Dancing, you will need to examine certain factors.

Some poles available on the market are unsuitable because they are unstable and they cannot support body weight. It is vital that you select a high quality pole.

For this reason, we have prepared a guide so that you can purchase a suitable pole.

What to choose

Before a purchase, think about your space.

Are you going to use a room solely for pole dancing? 

The pole is placed in the centre of the room without any obstacles nearby, at a range of 2 metres.

Will you be able to make a hole in the ceiling or the floor?

This might not be allowed if you rent an apartment. For this reason, you should read the apartment lease carefully!

Is the ceiling’s surface even?

An uneven surface will prevent you from ensuring a stable position of the pole. The more even a surface is, the better. Also, if you have a vaulted ceiling, you will have to buy an extra component which will be placed there permanently.

In which room will it be placed?

The heights from room to room can vary. What needs to be done before the purchase of the pole is an exact measurement from the floor to the ceiling. This will ensure that you have ordered the correct height or that you chose the correct extensions (if needed).

Types of poles


The permanent pole is cut according to the height of the room and it is placed on the floor or the ceiling. It cannot be extracted. It’s the best choice for heights of 3,3m and more or for vaulted ceilings. The permanent pole is ideal for dancing schools, gyms, houses or bars.


The removable pole is supported by the pressure which is created between the pole and the ceiling. Minimum effort for its installation is required, no ladder is needed and it can be put on any kind of floor (concrete, tiles, wood). It should be put right under a beam and if you put it accurately, it can be as stable as the permanent one. It is the ideal solution for those who don’t want to make holes on the floor or the ceiling. The desired height is achieved with extensions that you will need to buy.

Two types are available: A whole piece which is manufactured after an order is placed, according to the size of your room, and a detachable one, in many pieces, so that you can carry it in a backpack. Its main advantage is that it can easily be moved from one place to another.


A ceiling is not required for its support. This makes it ideal for outdoor training or for training in rooms where the ceiling is too high. This is the reason why people choose it for shows and performances. The pole consists of two pieces which are joined together and are placed in the middle of a round, flat platform used for dancing. The platform is made of solid metal and its diameter exceeds 1,5m which allows freedom of movement. It is easy for one person to install and uninstall it. While practicing with a free-standing pole, oscillation is more noticeable. However, the dancer shouldn’t be discouraged because it is a matter of time to get used to it. Due to it’s complex construction, it is more expensive than others. Buy a stage pole here

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What extension to choose;

The extension you will need depends on the height of the room where the pole will be placed. That is why, as mentioned above, what needs to be done before the purchase of the pole is an exact measurement from the floor to the ceiling. This will ensure that you have ordered the correct height or that you chose the correct extensions (if needed).

For X-Pole:

  • From 0 – 2745mm no extension needed
  • From 2735 – 2870mm a 500mm extension is needed
  • From 2860  – 2995mm a 500mm extension is needed + the 125mm extension that is included in the box.
  • From 2985 – 3120mm a 750mm extension is needed
  • From 3110 – 3245mm a 750mm extension is needed + τthe 125mm extension that is included in the box.
  • From 3235-3370mm a 1000mm extension is needed

Download PDF Calculator: XPertHeightChart

For Lupit Pole:

  • From 0 – 2800mm no extension needed
  • Από 2800 – 3200mm a 400 extension is needed

Download PDF Calculator: LP_CALCULATOR_ENG_lo

You can find extension on our eshop


Another important decision you should take before the purchase of the pole is about its diameter.


When pole dancing started catching on as a sport, the only available diameter was 50mm. If you choose this size for practicing, any other smaller diameter will seem easier for you to use. Moreover, your grip will become stronger, making you feel more secure and confident when you show your moves.  It is considered as the safest size for high ceilings because oscillation is minimized due to its thickness. It’s the ideal diameter for tall women, with long hands, and for men, too.


The most common diameter used in most dancing schools. Its surface is enough to make you feel secure when you perform a leg grip without making hand moves difficult to perform.


If your palm is small, you might find the 40mm pole more convenient as it is easier to grasp. However, its size hampers advanced leg grips.


It’s the smallest diameter available and it is widely used in Australia. It is not popular in Europe and this is why most manufacturers haven’t got this size in stock for shipping in Greece. It suits people with very small palms and a short stature. Despite that, there are athletes who adore this diameter.

Latest developments in pole manufacturing have to do with alternative sizes such as 42mm (Lupit Pole), 43mm and 48mm.

One could ask: “How do I know which one is right for me, since I’ve never used a pole before?” We would advise you to visit one of the pole dancing schools so that you can check the poles and get information from experts depending on your palm size and your familiarity with pole dance.

Spinning or static poles?


The static pole does not rotate, it is steady and ideal for beginners and for those who take early steps in pole dancing. Furthermore, it is more affordable than the spinning pole.


The spinning pole can rotate freely. Due to centrifugal power, it is more difficult to execute the moves because our body is pushed away from the pole, requiring more strength and effort to hold onto it. It’s the ideal choice as it can be adjusted in spinning or static mode according to your preference.

Are you a beginner? Choose the static mode.

Have you reached an advanced level? Choose the spinning mode and execute advanced choreographies.

Surface coating – Materials

Another important decision you should take before you buy the pole is about the material which is used to cover its surface.

Every person reacts differently when he touches various materials and he lives in different climate conditions. Consequently, every person’s needs differentiate. Each material has got its own features so, before you decide, take a look at the information we’ve gathered for you!

Stainless Steel


A pole made of stainless steel can be cleaned easily and be kept in excellent condition for many years. It’s cheaper than brass or titanium.


It takes more time for the material to heat and in order to have a better grip you should spend some time touching it before you start the main practice. If you don’t have enough time, you can use a hair dryer to heat it. If your hands tend to get sweaty or if you live in an area with high levels of humidity, this material is not suitable for you.



Chrome  is more preferable than other materials and it emulates the texture of stainless steel. It is considered to offer better grip in comparison with stainless steel but, in reality, its grip depends on the body’s composure. It’s cheaper than other types of poles.


This material is not long-lasting. With proper handling and maintenance though, it can hold up for many years. If you sweat more than usual, this material might not be suitable for you just like stainless steel. Not suitable for humid areas. Careful! This coating can cause a skin rush to people who are allergic to Nickel as this is the main ingredient in Chrome poles.



Brass offers the best grip from the rest of the materials and therefore, it is more suitable for people with sweaty palms. With proper maintenance, brass can endure tarnish and last for many years.


Make sure you can really make good use of this material otherwise, it is likely that you will end up with an extremely sticky pole which can be quite painful! Brass consists of a mixture of copper and zinc which makes it softer and thus, more sensitive. Also, it should be cleaned more often.

Titanium Gold


Titanium Gold poles are gold in color, and are stainless steel poles that are electronically coated with a finish that increases the grip of the pole. Some may say Brass coated has too much grip and on the other hand with the traditional Chrome coated poles if one lacks the strength in their hands, climbing and gripping becomes an issue. Titanium Gold It is a compromise between the two!


Maybe the gold coloring wears off but it does NOT affect the finish of the pole and it does NOT mean that the titanium layer has been stripped off. It only means that the extremely thin layer of titanium that was colored gold, has been worn away.



If you want a high level of grip, then the silicone pole is your ideal choice. In addition to offering a superior grip, with the silicone pole you can dance with your clothes on! You can clean the silicone pole with just rubbing alcohol.


Have in mind that the Silicone coating can not be removed. Also, It’s heavy so be ready to spend extra money for shipping.

Powder Coat


Powder coating is usually used to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint. Are normally sold in pink and black. Powder coating increases the grip of pole. Wash these poles with soapy water and/or spray for glass and a clean rag. No alcohol for these.


They are really sticky so It is harder to do spins on a static pole due to the amount of grip.

When you take your first steps in the world of pole dancing, you will find it difficult to train with any kind of material and, holding onto the pole for long will also seem difficult. This is normal and as your muscles strengthen, you will improve.

Climate changes can be surpassed with the use of air-conditioning, radiators or a dehumidifier. These will help maintain a normal body temperature. If necessary, you could use grip aids.


The cost of every pole depends on the type that you will choose to buy, its coating, the height and the rest of the factors mentioned above. Additional cost will be added for shipping.

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