Exciting News: Cirque du Soleil Launches Children’s Circus TV Series

Exciting News: Cirque du Soleil Launches Children's Circus TV Series
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Exciting news for young viewers and circus enthusiasts! Cirque du Soleil has unveiled plans for a Children’s Circus TV Series. This captivating show follows a group of aspiring young performers attending a fictional circus school, immersing viewers in a world of imagination, friendship, and the exhilaration of the circus arts. Produced in partnership with Apartment 11 and TVO Kids, this production promises to ignite the imaginations of children everywhere.

A Captivating Journey into the Circus World

The English-language show follows a fictional boarding school that teaches kids to be circus performers as they develop friendships and deal with life’s difficulties. It will include the artistry, costuming and acrobatics that fans expect from live circus performers. (Cirque du Soleil artists, craftsmen and creatives will be working on the series.)

A Fusion of Artistry and Acrobatics

Cirque du Soleil Images is no stranger to the kid’s space. The production division of the circus company is behind the animated series Luna Petunia (together with Saban Brands), which bowed on Netflix last December.

The Creative Forces Behind the Show

The series will be produced by Apartment 11 in association with TVO Kids, a branch of the Ontario public education system. Filming for the show will be done in Montreal and, in part, at Cirque du Soleil’s international headquarters in St-Michel, according to the press release. The series is a partnership between Cirque du Soleil Images — Cirque du Soleil’s multimedia production division — and Discovery Kids, which is part of Discovery Networks/US Hispanic. Award-winning Argentinian director and actress Cris Morena will be involved in the production of the series. Leila Basen, the creative producer of the CBC series Heartland, is the showrunner of the new series.


As the cameras roll in Montreal and Cirque du Soleil’s international headquarters, the creation of this groundbreaking Children’s Circus TV Series is well underway. Led by the visionaries at Cirque du Soleil Images and Discovery Kids, the series will bring to life the artistry, costumes, and acrobatics that have enthralled audiences of all ages. With award-winning talent and a dedication to creativity, this collaboration ensures a breathtaking adventure that will leave young hearts racing and inspire dreams of the circus.

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