Recommended usage of dietary supplements

Recommended usage of dietary supplements
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When exercising and generally whenever we physically exert our bodies our entire muscular system is engaged, using up energy while at the same time deteriorating muscle mass. If we want to have a full recovery after a Pole Fitness Workout or an Aerial session and be ready to go the next day it is important to replenish our bodies with the fluids that were lost during our workout session.

After a high impact workout, our body is in need of some form of fast absorbing protein (whey protein) and carbohydrates of high glycemic index (as well as fast absorbing such as dextrose, fructose etc.)

When we consume these substances right after a workout our body has the chance to recover by using carbohydrates to replace the lost glycogen that is naturally stored in the body. Also, we are in need of protein after an intense workout that will give the body valuable amino acids that were destroyed and need to be restored.

By taking a supplement that incorporates all of these substances, the body’s muscle mass can fully recuperate.

A meal on its own is not substantial enough because it is comprised of substances that break down at a slower rate and our body needs something that will be absorbed in a faster rate.

Apart from our post workout drink, it is important to have a balanced diet throughout the day with meals scheduled every 3-4 hours, comprised of both proteins and carbohydrates.

If a balanced diet is something we struggle with we can add amino acid tablets that can be taken with our meals giving us the protein boost we need. This way we will acquire a diet fortified with protein as well as a healthy nitrogen balance which will help us with muscle mass recovery.

Amino acids can be found either in tablet or liquid form. The liquid form is better used before or after a workout as it is quickly absorbed by the body giving a better anticatabolic effect. Tablets, on the other hand, can be consumed before each meal throughout the day. They are more practical in their use and are absorbed at a slower rate facilitating the body with a steady stream of protein throughout the day.

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