Eating out: What portions to choose?

Eating out: What portions to choose?

As much as homemade food is nutritious and affordable, various social events lead us to eat outside the home. So what happens when an evening or an afternoon meeting is combined with food? What portions to choose? Are there healthy choices we can put in our diet, especially if we follow a program for weight control?

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Here are some tips that will help you choose the portions when eating out

1.There are many healthy options

First of all, we shouldn’t panic at the idea of eating out. There are a lot healthy options and clever tips that we can follow during the day so that we don’t get carried away and over consume calories in order to maintain a positive energy balance.

2.Organise your meals from the beginning of the day

When a night out is planned, this means that we can organise our meals from the beginning of the day. We will begin with a complete balanced breakfast, for lunch, we can choose something lighter like a sandwich or a chicken salad and at the same time, we should not forget the snacks such as fruits, nuts, granola bars, yoghurt etc.

The assumption “ I will eat at night, therefore I will not eat anything at noon” is wrong, as this means that I have greater chances to over consume food during the night -out.

3.What to choose to eat on your night out

An ideal option of what to choose to consume at night would be a serving of lean chicken or chicken burger, pork tenderloin or tenderloin beef, which are sources of high nutritional protein value along with a serving of carbohydrates such as rice, macaroni, groats, roasted or boiled potatoes and a salad portion of our choice. It’s a good idea to limit fried foods and appetisers that will fill us with unnecessary calories while for meals which do not know how they are prepared we can ask the waiter or chef about the ingredients of each dish.


1:    Arabic pie with chicken or salmon

2:    Chicken salad without dressing

3:    Pizza with vegetables of our choice and mozzarella

4:    Pasta with seafood

5:    Burger with chicken or veggie burger

6:    Our choice of fish or squid grilled

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