Polina Syniachenko

Syniachenko-SplitI was born in Donetsk in Ukraine.I gratuated from Ended Donetsk Medical University.In 2010 started practicing pole dance and opened my own Pole Studio in Ukraine in this year.Organizer of National Pole Dance & Sport Championship in Ukraine 2012 -2014,Pole Shows,Competitions,Ukrainian Pole Camp.In 2014 i closed my studio because of war. In 2015 I moved to Slovakia and opened SYNIACHENKO STAR STUDIO.

Polina is:

The creator of instruction course of Pole Sport

Creator of many tricks and combos on the pole. (Syniachenko deadlifts, Syniachenko splits: Smile Split, Italian Split, Asteria Split, Bastet Split, Spoke Split, Left Split ect.);

President of Slovak Pole Sport & Art Federation ( SPSAF)

Owner and main trainer at the Syniachenko Studio

Desgner and owner of the line of sport wear Syniachenko Brand


  • 3 Place International Pole Championship POLE ART ITALY 2016,Italy
  • International Accredicted Judge IPSF 2016
  • TOP 10 best Pole Dancers of Ukraine 2015
  • 2 place European Pole Championship POLE STARS 2015, Czech Republic
  • Winner POLE THEATRE Croatia 2015
  • Judge Pole Battle League EPDF
  • TOP best dancers 2015 in TV Dance Show, 8 season
  • 5th place 1st World Miss & Mister Pole Globe 2015 ,Germany
  • TOP 10 best pole dancers in Ukraine 2014
  • Special prize for performance – International POLE ART ITALY Championship 2015, Italy
  • 4th place International IPSF Pole Fitness Hungarian Open 2014, Hungary
  • Semifinalist WORLD POLE SPORT & FITNESS 2014 ,United Kingdom
  • 2nd place International Sport Championship 2013 , Russia
  • Semifinalist WORLD POLE SPORT & FITNESS 2012 ,Switzerland
  • Best Technic – Ukrainian Pole Dance Competition 2012, Ukraine
  • 2nd place Miss POLE SPORT UKRAINE 2012, Ukraine
  • 1st place Krim Festival of Pole Dance and Sport 2012
  • 3rd place – doubles at the Pole Dance Championship of Ukraine 2011