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VerticalArts Show-a magical night full of uniqueness

VerticalArts Show group photo
Written by Vertical Wise
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On August 8, 2015 the VerticalArts Show celebrated its debut in the Friedrichsbau Varieté in Stuttgart. Different kinds of aerial arts, such as pole dance, aerial hoop, silks and cube combined with dance, drama, comedy and live music were presented to a nearly full theatre hall with more than 200 spectators.

A versatile programme with national and international performers enchanted the audience. The vision and the objective of the show – to celebrate the art form, creativity and passion for aerial arts – were exceeded by the magical atmosphere.

At 6.00 pm on Saturday night the doors opened to the audience unveiling a view of a beautiful theatre with lights giving the impression of a sky full of stars and a colourful lit up stage. The three hour programme started with opening act Lisette Krol with a pole and hoop performance, giving the audience an idea of what to expect. Pino Severino, a German singer, led through the evening and added to the show with a few live singing performances. The conditions with close to 40°C outside and no air condition inside were not ideal, but the artists coped with the slightly slippery poles brilliantly.

One of the highlights of the show was Heidi Coker, the applause for her performance wouldn’t stop and 12 year old Olga Trifonova even got standing ovations with the audience longing for more of her crazy talent. Kira Noire brought the audience to tears with a touching emotional story, Hanka Venselaar made her first international appearance with her aerial cube and Evgeny Greshilov closed the show with a comedy act on the pole.

We asked the performers to tell us more about their experience:

Lila Anastasopoulou

Lila,Greece,Pole Dance instructor,performer & competitor

Lila,Greece,Pole Dance instructor,performer & competitor

The approach motivated me to take part. It wasn’t a competition and its goal was to promote all types and styles of aerial arts…

A wonderful experience indeed! You can dance with people who inspire you to try every day for the best…It’s not only the performance on stage…it’s the whole process…the rehearsals, the warming-up, the waiting, the walks, the meals and drinks afterwards! The atmosphere off-stage was really good and supporting and they all wanted to help and advice you. And of course, I must mention Olga Trifonova who is the sweetest person ever!

Everyone there did their best and everything flowed perfectly…the organizers had created a very friendly atmosphere. The only negative part was the heat. When I arrived there, I felt that it was hotter than in Athens.

The only thing I’d like to add is that we’re really lucky because dancing gives us the opportunity to travel around and meet people from all over the world who share the same passion.

Rania Elle Asami

Rania Elle Asami from Germany, 31, Pole Dance Artist

Rania Elle Asami,Germany, 31 years old, Pole Dance Artist, Trainer, Competitor

The idea of a mixed aerial arts show with artists from all over Germany and international guests, that was open for anybody to apply and that was just seeking to entertain the audience (no competition), was unique in Germany so far.
The event had very good communication and organization as well as lovely artists and a wonderful mood on and off stage. Only the heat was very challenging for all that day, which made us all a little bit worried about our performances… In the end we all had to make alterations and improvise, but still could enjoy every second and entertain the audience. It was magical…
I just want to say thank you to Franzi (the organizer and her helpers) and her great idea and the work she did for the event. THANK YOU!

Sina Kaiser

Sina Kaiser,Germany,25 years old,Pole Dance and Aerial enthusiast

Sina Kaiser,Germany,25 years old,Pole Dance and Aerial enthusiast

I love being creative (creating routines and designing costumes) and I like to present our sport to other people.
Performing at VerticalArts Aerial Show was my second time on stage. My first performance was at the German Polesports Championship 2015 in Dortmund, so I have almost no performing experience! Even though I always am so incredibly nervous, I enjoy being on stage.

I had so much fun performing in this wonderful show! Everything was well organized and it was a great experience to meet all those amazing and crazy artists! Backstage atmosphere was so familiar and supporting!

What I like about pole sports is that the community is very familiar… everyone is welcome.

Steffi Klemm

I love to perform on stage and I was happy to share the stage with so many international and national artists especially Evgeny Greshilov.
I do many competitions and shows both solo and with my double partner Rania. Every time I want to be happy on stage and enjoy the performance. That’s not easy every time because of the different situations (warm, cold, different stages and poles etc.) but showing other people what I like to do and what I dream is the best for me.
The Vertical Art Show is a good place to show so many different performances not only on Pole. Many artists from all over the World enjoy it and you could see various emotional, sportier and artistic performances. Great Job Franziska Giehl.

Jasmin (Jazzy) Kühne

Jazzy Kühne,Switzerland, 24 years old, Pole Dance instructor

Jazzy Kühne,Switzerland, 24 years old, Pole Performer, Instructor and Athlete

What I love most about Pole Dancing is, that you can be whoever and whatever you want when you perform. There are so many different styles and ways you can use the pole. To be creative is the best thing about it! The Vertical Arts Show gave the possibility to show my love for the sensual side of Pole Dance without having any pressure and just moving the way I liked! Especially the non-competitive environment was beautiful!
The audience was amazing! Being on stage, you felt the positive vibe coming from them as they were not judging you but just enjoying every piece of art that came alive on that stage. Even tough the weather conditions in Stuttgart did not make it easy, I felt like the audience was very supporting and gave me a feeling of security. The poles were great too when you think of how hot it was on that stage!
Keeping in mind that this was the first event this big Franzi Giehl did, it was just perfect! The artist got everything they needed, food, water and any other wishes! The team was very friendly and the feeling backstage was like a family reunion. For real! Such a fantastic evening!
Next to the actual event, Vertical Arts even organized an optional diner together where we all could have fun together, eat, drink and just enjoying this great time together. I hope being able to be a part if it again in 2016!

Caroline Lange

Caroline Lange

Caroline Lange,Germany,29 years old,Pole Dance and Aerial artist,instructor and competitor

When I heard from the VerticalArts Show, I was so happy because I was given the chance to show the two things I love: Hoop and Pole. This was the first time where I was able to combine those two and could show what I love; – without pressure, rules and specifications like you have at competitions or championships.

It was also a good motivation for me to exercise regularly in the hoop because of the Pole competitions, I did not have much time for it.

I was really looking forward to my performance. I think you are always a little anxious and that is part of the business; plus it makes you perform a little better. The atmosphere backstage and in the audience was awesome. It was really interesting to see how the 6 Polestars (Lisette, Heidi, Olga, Kira, Evgeny und Hanka) prepared themselves for their performances. You barely have the chance to experience this in person, so this is one more thing that I will keep in my memories for a very long time.
You did not really have to warm yourself up a lot because of the high temperatures on that day … I was sweating so much just doing my stretching warm up!I was very pleased with my performance. Luckily I did not have any grip problems on the Pole like some of the others had because I was able to dry my hands everytime I was in the hoop. The only downside was that everything happened so fast and came to the end…. But I think it is always like that if you have so much fun like I did!

Lovely Franzi Giehl was able to pull off a really well organized event. She is actually the first person in Germany who organized such an event of this scope. She can be very proud of herself!

The location was perfect and the stage was very professional, the only thing what was missing, was an air conditioning, but still, we all managed to perform well.

The shows were very different to each other and the level of aerial arts was extremely high. I think the audience could see that everybody did what they love it was a varied and colorful evening.

I am so happy that I had the chance to share the stage with international Polestars and that I could see them performing live and not via youtube.

Little Olga Trifonova’s show made me speechless, it was an honor to see her live on stage. With her 13 years of age, I would say she is really the best in the world right now.
I would also like to thank Franzi Giehl and all other artists for the amazing weekend and wonderful time together.
Believe in yourself and work it out!

Monica Nenkova - Sonja Peta

Monica Nenkova,Bulgaria,31 years old Sonja Peta, Germany,30 years old Pole Dance and Aerial artists

Monica Nenkova, Bulgaria, 31 years old & Sonja Peta, Germany, 30 years old – Pole Dance and Aerial artists

The biggest inspiration to take part in the VerticalArts show was that this show didn´t have a competitive character where the participants are “against each other”. Everybody was part of the big idea of artistic expression through aerial art without any judgment, rules, costume and music prohibitions. In our performance we tried to combine speed and passion, using expressive rock music and creating beautiful body shapes and double tricks on the hoop.
Amazing event with outstanding artists, great atmosphere and very good organization!
We feel honored to be part of it and it gave us a lot of inspiration and good vibes.

Sonja Staub

Sonja Staub, Germany, 27 years old, Pole Dance enthusiast

Sonja Staub, Germany, 27 years old, Pole Dance enthusiast

Franzi (who organised the event) is my instructor and I wanted to surprise her and show her what i already learned.The athmosphere was amazing, joyfull and familiar. Best event i have ever been to.

Julia Stolz

Julia Stolz

Julia Stolz,Germany,24 years old,Pole Dance enthusiast


As soon as I saw that Heidi Coker will be on stage I wanted to make it to the show very badly. I adore her and I just wanted to share the same stage with her. And I also enjoy being on stage very much so I am trying to take advantage of as many opportunities to perform as possible. The aerial arts show was one wonderful project to give us the opportunity to do so.
I loved this event. I am really honored to have shared the stage with all these awesome athletes and very thankful for Franzi and her team for letting me participate. They created such a beautiful atmosphere both onstage and backstage, where everyone supported each other. It was great to see all the aerial arts and not just pole. There have been so many different styles and all of them were really beautiful and inspiring. Just an awesome event that I hope will take place next year as well.
I just want to say that I am really glad I found pole for myself because it introduced me to such a loving and supporting community.

Lucia Stulrajterova - Pavlina Nevesela

Lucia Stulrajterova & Pavlina Nevesela

Lucia Stulrajterova (28) & Pavlina Nevesela (34), Czech republic,pole dancers / doubles category


:Our first impluse was that Franzi is a friend of ours and so we wanted to support her event. Then we discussed it with my doubles partner Pavlina and we loved the idea of no rules and free choice of artistry and of course because it was not a competition, everyone could be relaxed and could enjoy the performance.
Performing could be better (as always), we did small mistakes because poles were too slippery due to the very hot weather, but we really enjoyed it. Audience was amazing and everyone was supportive. So we finished with happy feelings definitely. We also danced our favorite choreo probably for the last time, so we really enjoyed it.
The event was a beautiful idea and it is always great to dance on one stage with so many talented people without competing. Organization of the event was perfect as well, so why not to have more of these?

Thanks to Franzi and her team!

“A few people doubted the concept of a show and I was asked a couple of times why I’m not making it a competition. But that’s exactly what I wanted it to be – a show, with no pressure. I hope with the outcome I could prove that shows are no less, yes could be even more versatile, than competitions and I hope to have motivated more people to organize shows like this,I’m still overwhelmed by what I’ve seen, felt and been told after the show. I think I’ve gone through all emotions in the past few days around the show and words can’t express what I’m still feeling right now – happy, satisfied, relieved, excited. The show has been my dream come alive. I wasn’t sure if my vision was actually possible, with so many different people from different countries, with different backgrounds. But we’ve been one unity, behind and on the stage, before, throughout and after the show. The atmosphere was magical and we will create this magic again next year.A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this success. I feel lucky to have been able to share those moments with every single one of you, whether on stage, behind the scenes, in the audience or just in memory.” says Franzi Giehl the organizer of the VerticalArts Show.

But what about the famous pole artists who participated to VerticalArts Show?Wanna know how was the experience for them?Stay tuned!

Photos courtesy of Chart Photography:

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