Essential Rules for a Successful Experience in Group Pole Dancing Lessons

Pole Dancing group lessons
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Pole Dancing group lessons offer a friendly atmosphere, but disputes can still arise. To ensure a calm and friendly ambience during group sessions, it’s important to follow some ground rules. In this Pole Dancing Group Lessons Survival Guide, we provide essential information to help you navigate and enjoy your group lessons to the fullest.

A dancing lesson should be characterized by a mutual effort to collaborate. In order to enjoy a successful session in group lessons, there are some ground rules that must be followed. By providing this information below, we hope we will help to maintain a calm and friendly ambience in the group.

Essential Rules for a Successful Experience in Group Pole Dancing Lessons

Before the Class

To ensure a smooth and harmonious experience in pole dancing group lessons, it’s important to follow some guidelines before attending the class. Let’s go over them:

  1. Ask in Advance: If you have any specific requests or questions, feel free to ask in advance. Can you bring a friend to class? Can you attend a lesson you didn’t sign up for? Is there an option to make up for a missed lesson on another day? It’s best to clarify these matters with the instructor beforehand.
  2. Pole Dancing Attire: During group pole dancing lessons, it’s important to wear appropriate clothing to feel comfortable and perform movements with flexibility. You can find a variety of pole dancing attire and accessories at our store, Vertical Wise Shop. From specialized clothing to knee pads and pole dancing poles, you’ll find everything you need for an enjoyable and effective dance experience.
  3. Arrive on Time: Arriving punctually to the class is crucial. This allows you to settle in, prepare yourself mentally, and be in sync with the rest of the group. It also avoids distractions for other students who are already engaged in the lesson.
  4. Unexpected Situations: If something unexpected comes up that may affect your participation in the class, please notify the instructor beforehand. Sudden departures without prior notice can cause concern. Additionally, before leaving the room, it’s beneficial to dedicate a little time to post-exercise techniques and stretches, ensuring a proper cool-down for your body.
  5. Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel a lesson, please do so in a timely fashion. This allows the instructor to adjust their plans accordingly. Keep in mind that late cancellations or no-shows may require payment for the missed lesson as per the school’s policy.


Maintaining cleanliness is crucial in creating a hygienic and enjoyable environment for pole dancing group lessons. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  1. Water Only: In the classroom, only a bottle of water is allowed. It’s important to stay hydrated during your training, but let’s keep other beverages aside to avoid any spills or mess.
  2. Changing Rooms and Lockers: Please use the designated changing rooms to change your outfits before and after the class. Keep your personal belongings, including clothes, in the lockers provided. It’s essential to avoid leaving your clothes in public areas, ensuring a tidy and organized space for everyone.
  3. Bring a Towel: Having a towel is essential during pole dancing sessions. It serves the purpose of wiping off sweat from your body and cleaning the pole. Let’s promote cleanliness and hygiene by using our towels responsibly.
  4. Returning Borrowed Items: If you borrow a towel or any other equipment from the school premises, please remember to return it promptly once you finish using it. This ensures that everyone has access to the necessary resources and helps maintain a well-stocked and functional facility.

Cell Phones

In the world of pole dancing group lessons, it’s essential to minimize distractions and create a focused atmosphere. Cell phones can be a significant source of disruption, so it’s important to deactivate them before entering the class. By silencing or turning off your cell phone, you ensure that it won’t interrupt the instructor’s guidance or disrupt the flow of the lesson. Let’s keep our attention on the pole, our movements, and the supportive community around us. Embrace the opportunity to disconnect from the digital world and fully immerse yourself in the exhilarating experience of pole dancing.

Photos and Notes

When it comes to taking photos or keeping notes during pole dancing group lessons, it’s important to respect each studio’s policy. Before capturing any photos or videos or jotting down notes, always ask for permission from the instructor. Some studios may have specific guidelines or restrictions in place to protect the privacy and intellectual property of their instructors and students. By seeking permission beforehand, you demonstrate courtesy and consideration for others in the class. Let’s create a supportive and respectful environment by adhering to the studio’s policy on capturing and documenting our pole dancing journey.


Maintaining proper hygiene is essential in pole dancing group lessons. Remember to have a shower before you turn up to class. This may sound childish, but it ensures that you’re clean and fresh, promoting a hygienic environment for everyone. Additionally, bring a towel to wipe away sweat during the session and clean the pole before handing it to the next person. By prioritizing hygiene, we create a comfortable and pleasant experience for all participants.

We try to pay on time

It’s important to tie up loose ends regarding the tuition fees because this can help in the good organization of the school. Therefore, consistency is really important. Likewise, schools should deal with any financial discrepancies politely and discreetly.

Instructor-Student Interaction

Maintaining a positive and focused learning environment is essential in pole dancing group lessons. Here are some important points regarding instructor-student interaction:

  1. Respectful Silence: During the instructor’s teaching time, it’s important to maintain a respectful silence. Even if you are at the other end of the classroom, speaking or engaging in conversations can be distracting for the instructor and other students.
  2. Active Listening: Pay close attention to the instructor’s instructions and demonstrations. Actively listen and observe to ensure you understand the techniques and movements being taught. This attentiveness allows for effective learning and reduces the need for the instructor to repeat instructions.
  3. Question Etiquette: While questions are encouraged and valuable for learning, it’s important to ask them at appropriate times. Avoid bombarding the instructor with an excessive number of questions during the class. Instead, listen attentively and take note of any queries you may have. At the appropriate moment, ask your questions to ensure a smooth flow of the lesson.
  4. Positive Attitude: Approach each class with a positive and open mindset. Your attitude and enthusiasm greatly contribute to the overall energy of the group. Embrace the challenges, support your fellow classmates, and encourage a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for everyone.

Showing Understanding in Group Sessions

In group pole dancing sessions, it’s important to show understanding and respect for everyone’s learning experience. Here are some guidelines to ensure a fair and efficient class:

  1. Limited Time: Recognize that time is limited during group sessions. Every student deserves a fair chance to ask their questions and receive guidance from the instructor.
  2. Respect Class Dynamics: Each student has their own learning pace and needs. Be mindful of the group dynamics and avoid monopolizing the instructor’s attention. Creating a balanced and inclusive learning environment benefits everyone. Show respect and support for your fellow classmates’ learning journeys.

Positive attitude

What is a common feature among instructors is that they are in perfect tune with their students’ energy. Whether a lesson is successful or not depends greatly on the student’s attitude (positive feelings vs tension between students). Leave your negativity or grumpiness outside the classroom. The lesson is all about having fun!

Respect the instructor’s space

Respecting the instructor’s space ensures a smooth learning environment. Always ask for permission before borrowing any equipment and avoid leaving personal objects in the middle of someone’s way. By being considerate, we create a harmonious atmosphere where everyone can focus on their training.

Follow the instructions

  • Go with the lesson’s flow
  • If we believe that the level of the group is not suitable for us, we should discuss it with our teacher after the lesson.
  • If we feel that something is difficult for us to do, we could ask for an alternative one.
  • We should not be opinionated when it comes to which exercise is suitable to perform.
  • Try not to correct the weaker students.
  • If the instructor happens to be a friend of ours, we treat him with the same respect we would if he/she were a stranger. The teacher, as well as the others in the group, will appreciate it.

Students’ relationship

  • We don’t teach others. The instructor is the sole person in charge of the class. Bad techniques might cause serious injuries, even a fall.
  • If we use the classroom for free practice (without the instructor’s presence) linger on the silk or pole for too long. Ask someone who waits there if he wants to take turns in doing the drills in order not to exhaust ourselves.
  • Wait for your turn to practice, don’t become impatient.
  • It’s rude to leave your personal belongings next to a pole because other people might think it is occupied and they will probably miss their chance of training.
  • Ask others before you change the music or if you want to turn up/down the volume.
  • Always return whatever you borrow.
  • Don’t make fun of other students! Respect every person’s individuality!
  • Always praise your classmates for their achievements.

Don’t be annoying

Screaming when you can’t deliver an exercise will only distract and annoy others. It will also increase your blood pressure, making it difficult to breathe properly as instructed. Everyone likes a joker, but try not to be the buffoon of the group! Don’t make jokes or ridicule everything as you will eventually end up being criticized. To conclude, we know that every person makes mistakes from time to time. Treat other people the way you would like to be treated because no one is perfect. Tolerance is the best policy.


Remember that everyone makes mistakes, but treating others with respect and tolerance is crucial. By following these guidelines, you can ensure a harmonious and enjoyable experience in pole dancing group lessons. Let’s embrace collaboration, positivity, and mutual respect as we grow and thrive together. If you come to the conclusion that group pole dancing lessons are not exactly the right choice for you, explore here the different types of pole dancing classes and discover the option that suits you best: “Types of Pole Dancing Classes: Finding the Right One for You.”

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. Have you encountered any challenges or found success in group pole dancing lessons? We’d love to hear from you!

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