Pole Dancing group lessons survival’s guide

Pole Dancing group lessons survival’s guide
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Pole Dancing group lessons survival’s guide! The places where Pole Dancing is taught have got a friendly atmosphere. But, even in the most friendly environment, disputes may occur at group lessons.

A dancing lesson should be characterized by a mutual effort to collaborate. In order to enjoy a successful session in group lessons, there are some ground rules that must be followed. By providing this information below, we hope we will help to maintain a calm and friendly ambiance in the group.

The Pole Dancing group lessons survival’s guide

Ask in advance

Can I bring a friend in class? Can I attend a lesson I didn’t sign up for? Can the lesson missed be done on another day?

Before the class

Make sure you will  arrive on time so that other students are not distracted and in order to be in tune with the group.

If something unexpected happens:

  1. Notify beforehand. A sudden leaving might worry the instructor.
  2. Dedicate a little of your time in post-exercise techniques and stretches before you leave the room.
  3. If you decide to cancel the lesson, do it in a timely fashion. Otherwise, you offer to pay for the lesson which was missed.


Only a bottle of water is allowed to be submitted in the classroom.

We change outfits in the changing rooms and we keep our clothes in the lockers. In no condition should you leave your clothes in public areas.

Having a towel is really essential because we need it to wipe sweat and clean the pole before we hand it to the next person.

If we borrow a towel from the school premises, we should remember to return it when we finish. The same goes for any other equipment we borrow,like grip aids.

Cell Phones

Cell phones can be a nuisance, so make sure to deactivate them.

Photos and notes

Every studio has got its own policy on that, so you should ask for permission from the instructor before you take any photos / videos or keep notes during a lesson.


It might sound childish but, remember to have a shower before you turn up in class.

We try to pay in time

It’s important to tie up loose ends regarding the tuition fees because this can help in the good organization of the school. Therefore, consistency is really important. Likewise, schools should deal with any financial discrepancies in a polite and discreet way.


We don’t speak while the instructor teaches. Because this can be really distracting for him, even if we are at the other end of the classroom.

Show understanding

In group sessions, time is limited and every student should have a fair chance of asking his own questions. So, try not to bombard the teacher with tons of questions and pay attention to the instructions so as not to make the teacher repeat them over and over again.

Positive attitude

What is a common feature among instructors is that they are in perfect tune with their students’ energy. Whether a lesson is successful or not depends greatly on the student’s attitude (positive feelings vs tension between students). Leave your negativity or grumpiness outside the classroom. The lesson is all about having fun!

Respect instructor’s space

Don’t borrow equipment without permission. Don’t leave personal objects in the middle of someone’s way.

Follow the instructions

  • Go with the lesson’s flow
  • If we believe that the level of the group is not suitable for us, we should discuss it with our teacher after the lesson. If you are a pole lover, this complete ebook of pole dancing moves will help you master all levels of pole dancing.
  • If we feel that something is difficult for us to do, we could ask for an alternative one.
  • We should not be opinionated when it comes to which exercise is suitable to perform.
  • Try not to correct the weaker students.
  • If the instructor happens to be a friend of ours, we treat him with the same respect we would if he/she were a stranger. The teacher, as well as the others in the group, will appreciate it.

Students’ relationship

  • We don’t teach others. The instructor is the sole person in charge of the class. Bad techniques might cause serious injuries, even a fall.
  • If we use the classroom for free practice (without the instructor’s presence) linger on the silk or pole for too long. Ask someone who waits there if he wants to take turns in doing the drills in order not to exhaust ourselves.
  • Wait for your turn to practice, don’t become impatient.
  • It’s rude to leave your personal belongings next to a pole because other people might think it is occupied and they will probably miss their chance of training.
  • Ask others before you change the music or if you want to turn up/down the volume.
  • Always return whatever you borrow.
  • Don’t make fun of other students! Respect every person’s individuality!
  • Always praise your classmates for their achievements.

Don’t be annoying

Screaming when you can’t deliver an exercise will only distract and annoy others. It will also increase your blood pressure, making it difficult to breathe properly as instructed.
Everyone likes a joker, but try not to be the buffoon of the group! Don’t make jokes or ridicule everything as you will eventually end up being criticized. To conclude, we know that every person makes mistakes from time to time. Treat other people the way you would like to be treated because no one is perfect. Tolerance is the best policy.

We really hope that this article helped to clear things up a bit, if yes please share it on social media so other people might find it valuable as well!

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