The Hellenic Pole Sport Federation is a fact!

The Hellenic Pole Sport Federation is a fact! With great pleasure, we inform you about the foundation of the Hellenic Pole Sports Federation (HPSF). The federation represents all the Pole sports worldwide, according to the rules and regulations of the International Pole Sport Federation (IPSF) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). HPSF aims the development of Pole Sports in Greece.

The Hellenic Pole Sport Federation consists the summit organization of Sport clubs where Pole Sports are practiced in Greece.

Goals of the Federation is the development, the progress, the propagation of Pole sports in Greece. Hellenic Pole Sport Federation aims to attract young people to familiarize with this new demanding form of exercise away from the prejudices of the past. HPSF represents all Greek athletes to the international Championships and promotes the Olympic Spirit.

HPSF invites all the clubs, the professionals, the athletes, the coaches and friends of Pole sports all over Greece to become members of HPSF to empower their attempts to set high athletic standards by embracing their try to make Pole Sports well-known, accepted and advanced in Greece according to the International Standards.

The website of the HPSF  has all the information about the aims and scope of it, the rules and regulations, useful links to educational material, member application forms and a communication form to answer all the possible questions raised to the Friends of Pole Sports in Greece or Worldwide.

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