Horror accident at Cirque Du Soleil

accident at Cirque Du Soleil
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A three-time Olympian gymnast has been seriously injured after falling during a trapeze show at the Cirque Du Soleil circus.

Horror accident at Cirque Du Soleil

Lisa Skinner, 35, lost consciousness after falling from about five metres during the show in Brisbane, Australia today.

The Commonwealth gold medalist who is now a circus performer was rushed to hospital where she is now being treated.

It is not yet known how badly injured she is but there are fears she could have spinal injuries.

It is thought Skinner fell from a ring suspended in the air.


The accident happened in front of a packed crowd at the Cirque du Soleil


Lisa Skinner was rushed to hospital after falling

Witnesses say the show was stopped while she was taken from the stage by paramedics before the show resumed.

It is not yet known how badly injured she is but there are fears she could have spinal injuries.

Iain Park was watching the performance when the accident at Cirque Du Soleil happened.

He said: “At Cirque de Soleil in bris, performer fell from apparatus from about 5m onto stage – did not move. 15 min delay while paramedics attended & shipped to hospital. Could be very bad outcome, noise of impact was not good.

lisa-skinner-accidentLisa Skinner competed at the 1996, 2000 and 2004 Olympic Games.

She has also won gold medals at the Commonwealth Games and now tours with the Cirque du Soleil performing solo aerial hoops.

We wish Lisa a speed recovery!

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