Incontinence Products for Active Lifestyles: Stay Comfortable and Confident 

Incontinence Products for Active Lifestyles
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Living an active life shouldn’t be limited by incontinence. Discover a range of incontinence products for active lifestyles. This guide explores different types, and considerations for choosing the right fit and maintaining confidence while managing incontinence.

Choosing the right incontinence product can be daunting for first-timers, especially considering the numerous factors involved. Many people prioritize size and comfort when selecting incontinence aids. For others, ease of use and budget-friendliness are the overriding considerations.  In this article, we’ll go over various incontinence aids and what picking the right product entails.

What Is Incontinence?

Incontinence refers to a loss of the ability to control your bladder and/or bowel movements, resulting in inadvertent bathroom accidents.

The term “incontinence” is commonly applied to the loss of bladder control. That explains why most incontinence products you’ll come across are geared towards people with urinary or bladder incontinence.  

But as already hinted, incontinence may also present as a loss of bowel control, also known as bowel or fecal incontinence.

How Many People Have Incontinence?

Incontinence is relatively prevalent. Statistics indicate that a quarter to a third of adults in the United States suffer from some form of incontinence.

Incontinence is typically an old-age problem. While the condition can affect adults of any age, seniors aged 65+ are more at risk.

Incontinence is also gender-biased, presenting in more women than men. A higher prevalence rate in women is widely attributed to risk factors like childbirth.

Moreover, it’s important to point out that not all incontinence is due to a direct loss of bladder or bowel control. Certain cases result from reduced mobility. For instance, bedridden patients may require incontinence products even if their bladders and bowels are in perfect shape.

Introducing Incontinence Products

There are a plethora of incontinence aids to choose from. Most of these products are available as wearables, with adult diapers being the most popular.  Also known as incontinence briefs, adult diapers are diapers designed to be worn by anyone besides children and infants.  There are equally different types of adult diapers to try.

Adult Diaper by Design

1. Tab-style Diapers

Tab-style adult diapers have refastenable tabs on one or both sides. The tabs are flexible enough to allow you to adjust the diaper to fit your waist.

Tab-style diapers are reasonably easy to wear and take off. You can change them from a standing, sitting, or lying position with minimal effort. The diapers are commonly prescribed for seniors with reduced mobility, who may need assistance changing other fancy briefs.

2. Pull-up Diapers

Adult pull-up diapers take on the shape of regular underwear. To wear these briefs, you simply step into the pull-ups and draw them up your waist.

Pull-ups provide better discretion due to their underwear design. However, the products are suitable for seniors who don’t require help changing their adult diapers.

3. Adult Diapers by Disposability

Disposable Diapers

Disposable adult diapers are single-use, non-recyclable briefs. After the initial use, they are meant to be chucked into the trash.

Single-use adult diapers are suitable for travelers or seniors with mild incontinence. The briefs are also reasonably affordable, although they can turn out to be quite expensive for heavy users.

Reusable Diapers

Reusable adult diapers are incontinence briefs that can be reused several times (usually a couple of weeks) before being disposed of. All you need to do is wash the diaper whenever it’s soiled, following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Due to their recyclability, reusable diapers can be more economical in the long run. A single brief might last you up to three weeks, during which you could have gone through multiple disposable diapers.

Below are other popular incontinence briefs besides adult diapers;

4. Booster Pads

Booster pads aren’t standalone incontinence aids. Rather, they’re designed to be worn inside regular adult diapers. The products feature thick absorbent material that soaks up urinary and fecal fluids before letting them flow through to the outer diaper.

Regular adult diapers can absorb up to 30 ounces of fluid. That efficiency can double with booster pads.

5. Penile Sheaths

Penile sheath drainage systems, also known as condom drainage, are a common replacement for incontinence pads.

The products are ideal for men. They fit snugly over the penis, with one end attached to a drainage leg bag that collects urinary discharge.

6. Catheters

Catheters are a step up from penile sheaths. These products, which typically come as hollow tubes, help in draining urine straight out of the bladder.

A healthcare professional might recommend a catheter for short-term or long-term use.

Short-term catheters drain urine for a shorter duration and then remove it. They’re excellent for people recovering from illnesses or surgical operations.

Long-term catheters are meant to be changed regularly. They’re suitable for users with chronic incontinence problems.

Choosing the Right Incontinence Products for Active Lifestyles

The right incontinence product for active lifestyles is one that provides maximum discretion.

For instance, if you’re shopping for an adult diaper for women, begin with a properly sized brief. Avoid oversized or undersized diapers.

Next, check that the absorbency layer is thick enough for your incontinence level.

You’d also do well to research the material and chemical ingredients the diaper is made from. Insist on natural materials like cotton and wood pulp while shunning briefs containing allergic compounds like fragrances.

For seniors with reduced mobility, it would be prudent to also prioritize mobility aids like electric wheelchairs.


Incontinence products for active lifestyles empower you to stay active and confident. With the right choice, you can manage leaks discreetly and comfortably. Talk to your doctor for personalized advice and explore the options available.  Remember that what works for one person may not necessarily work for you.

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