Where is the dance?

Have we gone from being pole dancers to simply being polers? Pole Dancing is dance or an acrobatic sport?__Vertical Wise

We’ve all done it. We’ve all looked for that one Youtube clip with the Gemini – Scorpio Change or the winner of last Year’s Pole Art, then one video turns into two, two turn into three and before you know it the alarm has rung and you are tripping over your Pleasers rushing to the door on your way to work.

We’ve all used it. We have conjugated the verb more times that we saw spot run, run spot run.

I pole
She / He poles
We pole
They Pole

We are the Pole Dancing community but have we forgotten one thing? That pole dancing is just that – dancing.

Do we not see it in the videos, are we not taught it in class, do we not pretend to do it on the street lights / stop signs of the main streets?

Have we gone from being pole dancers to simply being polers?

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Pole dancing was, is and should always be a form or performing art – yet many times the dancing portion of the art is looked down upon like the God of pole dancing will strike down all those who dare to dance without inverting and hand-standing first.

It seems like the race to change the public’s opinion of what pole dancing really is has changed more than just public opinion, it has changed the sport itself.

As of the mid-2000s, activists and sports enthusiasts are trying to prove that pole dancing is less of a sex dance and more of an acrobatic sport. Since then we have bruised blacker, spun faster, hooked harder, but there was always one thing missing – the joy of the dance.

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Dimitra Kourmatzis

Dimitra Kourmatzis is an Attorney-at-Law by day and an aspiring pole dancer by night. Her first every experience with Pole Dancing 3 years ago proved to be a love-hate relationship - Pole loves to hate her and hates to love her! She has been a participant in a number of performances as an active member of the pole community.
She also provides legal advice on matters pertaining to sports law.

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