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3 ways Pole Dancers and Aerialists can make their Circus Talk profile work for them.
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3 ways Pole Dancers and Aerialists can make their Circus Talk profile work for them.

Circus Talk is a new website that launched in the spring of 2017 which calls itself an online casting tool and community-driven social marketplace developed exclusively to benefit the circus and variety arts community. A glance will reveal CircusTalk News–where articles with relevant circus content are frequently posted, and there is the community board, where you can post your own circus/aerial profile as an individual, an organization or company and find employment opportunities and more. But to get results out of being a member, you will want to spend some time delving deeper into the content, interacting with it and to making it work for you.

Here is the guide to get you started:

1.Sign up

Circus Talk encourages people to sign up for a free profile and access to all content and to use the information not just as a way to post your latest trick (although that content is amazing and belongs there too) but also as a tool to help you grow as an aerialist or pole dancer. Some examples you will see: where to find aerial and pole training near you, how to apply to professional circus school, listings for workshops, festivals and auditions, job listings, and advice columns.

2.Flesh it out

To gain connections with the members (which include directors, designers, producers, choreographers and talent scouts) once you create your profile, you can keep people up-to-date on your training, rehearsals or act by posting images and videos of your work. If you need a professional rigger, a special prop made, unique music for your act, or business advice, there is a solid core of professionals who can share information and their wisdom with you. On the flipside, you can share your expertise and services with people who need them and find clients for what you have to offer.


People say it all the time, circus is a one little worldwide family. Now you have a way to reach out and connect with all of the members of that family. Currently, Circus Talk has members from over 137 countries. Members can search the Who’s Who database by member name, member type (individuals, agencies, festivals, companies,organizations) or country. Once you connect you have the opportunity to see what they  post on their wall or to message them directly. Once they follow you, they can see all of your work. By connecting with people in your network, on your continent or in your area of interest, your circus family will expand. Circus Talk also posts promising jobs, shows, acts and auditions on their social media outlets. As you hone your administrative skills, using this tool may simplify your task list and give you more time to do what you are passionate about.

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