Pole Dance Instructor or Performer? Balancing Roles and Impact in Dance Education

Pole Dance Instructor or Performer Balancing Roles and Impact in Dance Education
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Welcome to Vertical Wise, a space where we explore the art of Pole Dancing and engage in discussions about the dance form. In today’s article, we will delve into the eternal question: ‘Pole Dance Instructor or Performer?’ The debate surrounding this topic has been ongoing for quite some time, sparking diverse opinions. Let’s examine the different aspects of this discussion and how it impacts Pole Dancing and education.

Skilled Performer and Pole Dance Instructor: Synonymous Roles or Independent Identities?

The answer to this question comes with various approaches, and there certainly isn’t a single correct answer. Each instructor possesses unique gifts and strengths that make them distinctive in their field. Let’s explore some of the benefits of being a proficient performer and a Pole Dance instructor, as well as the importance of professionalism and guidance in the teaching process.

Many believe that a Pole Dance instructor should also be a skilled performer – someone who has exceptional dancing abilities and can demonstratively present various choreographic pieces. This approach argues that a good performer should have:

  • Experience and Inspiration: Her personal experience as a performer can grant the instructor a unique perspective and inspire her to share her love for dance with her students. Through her own performances, she can provide students with an example to follow and encourage them to develop their artistic abilities.
  • Continuous Improvement: The desire to perform in front of an audience gives the instructor a sense of responsibility and motivates her to strive for continuous improvement. Preparation for a showcase requires dedication and effort, which can positively influence her teaching.
  • Inspired Education: Students are often influenced by the personality and style of their instructors. A performer-instructor can inspire and encourage students through her personal approach to dance and art.

However, it’s important to recognize that not all good performers necessarily have the ability to teach effectively. There are cases where exceptional performance and technique alone may not suffice to make someone an effective teacher. Let’s examine the following:

  • Lack of Educational Skills: An instructor must have the ability to adapt her teaching to the needs and abilities of her students. While good performers may have incredible talent and technique, they may lack the educational skills required to effectively convey their knowledge to their students.
  • Lack of Guidance: An instructor must be able to inspire and guide her students, fostering their progress and development. Merely being an amazing dancer is not enough to teach and inspire others. The instructor must have the ability to communicate with her students, guide them, and support them on their dance journey.
  • Communication Barriers: A good performer may have learned to express emotions through dance, but may not have the ability to convey these emotions verbally to her students. A lack of communication skills can create obstacles in effective teaching and diminish the instructor’s impact on her students.

The Importance of Teaching: The Power of Professionalism

On the other hand, there are those who believe that a good dance instructor doesn’t necessarily have to be a good performer. Instructors have different roles and responsibilities from performers, and their focus should be on teaching and guiding their students.

Key to Effective Teaching: Educational Skills and Communication

A good Pole Dance instructor must have:

  • Educational skills
  • Effective communication with her students
  • The ability to inspire them to develop their abilities
  • The capacity to adapt her teaching to the needs and abilities of her students
  • The drive to promote their progress and development, and
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Instructors who focus on education, teaching with passion and love, and inspiring and supporting their students with respect and professionalism are equally vital for the development of young dancers.

Good Pole Dance Instructor vs. Good Performer

Consequently, the answer to whether good instructors should also be good performers depends on one’s perspective. Respecting each instructor’s role and recognizing her capabilities is crucial for creating a rich educational experience for her students, regardless of whether they are performers or not. Discover the reasons why having more than one instructor in Pole Dancing can be a preferable choice for your progress and success in the world of dance.


In conclusion, it’s important to understand that being a good dancer and being a good teacher are two different things. Instructors must have educational skills and the ability to guide and inspire their students. On the other hand, performers can offer a unique role model through their exceptional performances, but this doesn’t automatically qualify them as good teachers. Ideally, we should find instructors who combine both aspects, offering an enriched and inspired space for their student’s education.

Regardless, each instructor’s contribution is unique and invaluable to the development and well-being of students in the world of Pole Dancing. Let’s recognize and support our instructors, whether they choose to be performers or not. What’s truly important is their love and passion for dance and their desire to share that love with their students.

What are your thoughts on the role of instructors in Pole Dancing? Is it important for them to be good performers or not? Share your thoughts and experiences

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