Vertical Wise’s founder live on channel E’s successful morning show

On Tuesday 20th September we were guests of tv channel’s E successful morning show hosted by Katerina Karavatou and Krateros Katsoulis who warmly welcomed us and let us talk about what we know best -Pole dance! And of course how it has evolved into Pole Fitness and Pole Sports.  

Our beloved Vasso Stasinou-Nikopolidi introduced Elli Voulgari to the tv audience; Elli is the founder of Vertical Wise, a Certified Pole Fitness instructor and a member of the board of directors of the Greek Federation of Pole Sports. Also with us was Jenny Nikitopoulou who is the mom of 12-year-old Lydia, who is a kid Pole athlete, thus completing our “team on a mission” and that team had one specific mission…

To make Pole known to a broader audience and make them more aware of Pole Dancing as a sport and hopefully helping to break any taboos and misconceptions there might be about the sport! And we believe we were quite successful!

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Pole fitness live on TV show

During the show and just before we got on the air, we took a group photograph with Vasso Stasinou-Nikopolidi, Lydia and her mom Jenny to remember this day!

What we talked about? We talked about how Pole has evolved into a form of exercise that is mainly influenced by modern dance, gymnastics and ballet. Also, we mentioned the ways it can help improve our bodies and our self-confidence, and of course we highlighted the fact that it is not a sport exclusively chosen by women but men and children are also into pole and exercise using Pole Fitness on a daily basis. Also we were happy to share with everyone that the Greek Federation of Pole Sports is now official. Will pole sports be on the list of Olympic Sports in the future? There is certainly some good effort being made in that direction from the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF), so fingers crossed!

What we saw? We saw 12-year-old, Lydia Kanellopoulou,  win our hearts over on live television performing her athletic routine on the pole. She shared with us her love for the sport and that she already has 2.5 years’ experience with pole sports. Moreover, she told us that she is very keen on continuing with pole sports because she believes that it helps you get fit and at the same time it is super fun and not boring at all which makes it one of her favorite athletic sports.

Pole Fitness for kids on TV show

We enjoyed ourselves very much and we believe the hosts of the show also shared in the fun!

Everyone was impressed by Lydia’s performance and some even tried out some of her magic tricks but you can go see for yourselves what happened by clicking on the video!

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