Post-training meals: What to eat

post-training meals

Aerial Arts and Pole Dance Fitness, belong to a category of sports, that aim at muscle strengthening, balance optimisation, improvement of blood circulation and enhancement of many other skills. Therefore, the physical demands of training (especially in advanced level) are quite high.

For this reason, restoring muscles after a workout is very important. Great emphasis should be given on post-training meals, that will help your body to get the energy needed, to increase metabolism and to preserve good muscle mass levels.

So… What should I eat after training?

Ideally, a post-workout meal should be eaten the soonest possible (within 15-30 min. after exercise) and it should contain a protein source and a carbohydrate source. Protein will restore the muscles, while carbohydrates will restore muscle glycogen.

A good food choice for post-training meals is:

  • one plain (low fat) yoghurt with honey & one fruit
  • one glass of low-fat milk, & one banana
  • one Low-fat yoghurt smoothie, strawberries, cocoa powder & Chia seeds

The main meal following training is equally important. It should be rich in proteins, like fish, chicken, egg, cheese or red meat, in combination to carbohydrates like rice, pasta, bread, cereals, fruits and vegetables.

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