Preparing for Your First Competition: A Guide for New Dancers

Preparing for Your First Competition: A Guide for New Dancers
Written by Vertical Wise

For any dancer, there is usually one big thing that they are focusing on: the upcoming competition season. No matter what form of dance you do, whether it is ballet, ballroom dancing, tap, modern, or hip-hop, there will be a competition out there for you. For any seasoned dancers, while they will still be nervous, they will at least know how to prepare for the upcoming competition season. For new dancers, however, this might be a different story. It is a great leap to take, going from simply a fun hobby to a competitive sport, so this is why you need to know how to be prepared properly. Doing so will ensure that you can then focus entirely on the dancing aspect of the competition. So what are some of the key preparations you can take months in advance for your first competition? Let’s take a look.


Before you do anything else, you need to ensure that you have registered for the competition. Ensure that you take note of the date and time and that you can pay for the competition slot. While registering, depending on the type of dance you do, you might be asked what category you would like to take part in. For ballet dancers, for example, the categories to choose from might be classical ballet, neoclassical, and contemporary style.

It is at this point that you will also be asked whether you will be doing a solo, duet, or group dance. If you want to do all three, then you need to register this interest. However, as this will be your first competition, it might benefit you not to take on too much.

If you do choose to dance with others, then you need to know who this is. For ballroom dancers or ballet dancers doing a duet, you need to know who your partner so that you can register and, more importantly, practice with each other.

Find the right attire

With the registration complete, you then need to consider the style of dance competition you are competing in and what is suitable attire to wear to it. Up until now, it is likely that you have been dancing in leggings or a leotard, perhaps. However, these are not suitable clothes for competitions. You need an entire outfit that is appropriate for the type of dance you do. For example, for ballet dancers, a tutu would be perfect, but for ballroom or hip-hop dancers, this is not. Instead, ballroom dancers need an elegant ballroom dress that they can dance easily in. It needs to move with them without feeling forced and fit perfectly. Hip-hop dancers, they need clothes, such as jeans or tracksuits, that represent who they are.

Turn to the internet to help you when finding the perfect attire suitable for the type of dance you do. Ensure that you have everything organized months in advance, from the right costume and shoes to the perfect accessories to finish off the look.

Practice, practice, practice

With the perfect outfit sorted, you now need to start practicing dancing in it. You don’t want the first time you dance in it to be at the competition only to find that you can’t perform as well in it. So ensure that you are practicing as much as possible wearing the outfit without damaging it.

As a final top tip, as it gets closer to the competition time, don’t feel the need to over-practice. While you might be tempted, you risk injuring yourself and not being able to perform at all.


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