What type of Pole Dancing is your love match?

What type of Pole Dancing is your love match?
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Nowadays, Pole Dancing is quite popular. Women and men throughout the world enjoy its amazing benefits. Due to this “big bang”, performers enjoy several types of Pole Dancing depending on their style and their athletic or dancing background.

Furthermore, interesting is the fact that ballet, contemporary dancing and gymnastics shaped the current types of Pole Dancing.

Which one is your favourite?

Types of Pole Dancing

Pole fitness / sport

It focuses on physical strength, technique difficulty and drills. Therefore, choreographies focus mainly on acrobatics and dancing moves are limited.

Pole artistic

It mostly focuses on movement and music which means that dancers should be more creative in order to plan a story and develop a character. So, this type emphasises on dancing and expression, without leaving aside acrobatics.

Pole exotic / sexy

The more sensual category, since the dancer can wear high heels as well as clothes which are more revealing. Also, choreographies are not strict and more stress is put on flexibility. However, we should not confuse exotic pole dancing with strip shows. It is merely a sensual approach to pole dancing. Hence, whoever chooses this type, he or she should not feel discouraged by preconceived notions regarding exotic pole dancing.

Dancing has no limits! The way you decide to combine the types above depends on your personal style and taste.

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