Year in Review 2016: What Vertical Wise did this year

Vertical Wise Annual Review 2016
Written by Vertical Wise

2016 has come and gone.   The Pole & Aerial community is bigger, badder and more in your face than ever., who stands firmly strong by the side of all pole dancers and aerialists, in its first ever year, contributed to educating, entertaining and informing you of all small and large changes which have taken place in the industry in Greece as well as abroad.

Media Sponsorships worldwide, surveys, contests, interviews and focusing targeted efforts in acquainting a broader audience with the aerial acrobatics were just a few things which included in the annual agenda of

We organized nine competitions with showered you with gifts of poles, clothes, tickets, food supplements, and more!

We interviewed 12 Pole & Aerial Stars, making our tally 19!

Phoenix Kazree

Phoenix Kazree

Anastasia Skukhtorova

Anastasia Skukhtorova

Slava Ruza

Slava Ruza

We conducted a whole lot of research on the suitability of Pole Fitness with groups of young individuals whose results where televised  by large greek journals such as the, News, Macedonia newspaper etc.

Lydia Kanellopoulou - 12 years old

Lydia Kanellopoulou – 12 years old

16 times media sponsors in 8 countries

Pole Art Italy 2016

Pole Art Italy 2016

Some of this year's media sponsorships

Some of this year’s media sponsorships

We made one Television Debut

We gave one radio interview

We gave one written interview verticalwise interview

We organized 2 sold out workshops with Konstantin Kosovec and Kseniia Kochenkova.

We presented the Pole Fitness in the entrepreneurship event Women in Action.

We created our first mini eBook.

We had the opportunity to exchange views with the amazing Davide Lacagnina and Alessandra y Marchetti, a real life couple both in their personal life as well as professionally as chairs of the IPASF – International Pole Sports & Arts Federation.

Davide Lacagnina & Alessandra Marchetti

Davide Lacagnina & Alessandra Marchetti

We drafted over 300 articles in Greek and English.

The number of writers who are our permanent members reached 21.

And so much more!

See the slideshow below for some of those pole-tastic and aerialiscious moments we experienced! We look forward to what awaits us in 2017!

Without your support, we would not have accomplished any of this! We are excited about what we are preparing for you next year!

Authors, editorial team and all of VerticalWises’ partners, the unique information website Aerial Acrobatics and Pole Dance Fitness in Greece and around the world, we thank you from the bottom of our heart for the support, interest and love and wish you a Happy New Year!

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