How Athletes Can Use Weighted Pillows for Sleep Recovery?

How Athletes Can Use Weighted Pillows for Sleep Recovery?
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One of the best parts about weighted pillows is that it’s a tool for athletes that can be started immediately for better sleep recovery. Athletes are always looking to get the upper hand in recovery. But as many athletes know, getting sleep is the key to this. Yet, sleeping can be one of the hardest things to do. Maybe your mind is racing the night before a big competition, or your body is aching from a heavy workout. There are many reasons your sleep can be affected.

However, natural remedies have entered the scene, as medications that aid in sleep recovery can often have side effects. One of these natural solutions is weighted pillows. However, understanding how they help sleep recovery is important.

Here is what you need to know about a therapeutic weighted pillow.

Benefits of Using Weighted Pillows

There are many benefits of using both weighted blanked and weighted pillows. But let’s get more specific with sleep recovery and athletes. Athletes often deal with stress and fatigue that is physical on the body. Here is how it helps.

Pain Relief

Aches and body pains come with the territory of working out. Relieving and soothing this can be crucial for restful sleep. This is where compression is often used with athletes. However, not all athletes feel compression is enjoyable while sleeping.

A weighted pillow can also mimic the pressure felt by compression. This can allow for the disbursement of gentle pressure, which can promote blood flow and circulation to the impacted area and faster recovery.

It also helps relieve pressure points and align the spine with gentle pressure. Of course, it depends on the position you use the weighted pillow for.

Calming Physical Effect

Physical discomfort can create anxiety. Weighted pillows can create a calming and soothing physical effect that also calms the mind. This is because a weighted blanket stimulates the release of important neurotransmitters. The two hormones are serotonin and dopamine.

These two hormones are responsible for feelings of calm and well-being. The bonded feeling from the weighted pillow makes us feel like we are being held, which initiates a feeling of safety.

Positioning and Alignment

Different pillows come in different shapes and sizes. It’s popular now to have a full body-size pillow to be able to wrap around and hold these days. Using weighted pillows can allow an athlete to find the right alignment they need for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Some athletes may have hip or back problems and need more support to keep their bodies from furthering misalignment. Putting the pillow between your knees is one common response to hip and leg pain. It creates distance between the hips.

Reducing Anxiety

Physical calmness does have a direct relationship with anxiety. However, addressing anxiety by itself is incredibly impactful for athletes. This can lead to better focus during the next day’s activities and sporting challenges. Increased performance is a direct result of this.

Prioritizing Quality

When it comes to using weighted pillows, not any pillow will do. You will want to prioritize several factors, such as quality, among others. While price is not a direct correlation to quality, investing in the right pillow is worth it.

  • Material is important for two reasons. The first is that you want the pillow’s material to hold strong. A pillow that breaks down or needs constant replacement will add up quickly. The second is you want hypoallergenic materials that don’t cause rashes or itching.
  • Durability is a priority, and a company should stand by it. Weighted pillows should hold their benefits for quite some time. Ensure warranties are included with your purchase.
  • Customer reviews are a tool that can be a good aid. This will let you know that the weighted pillow is comfortable and useful for what you want it to be.

With quite a few options on the market, it’s important to consider these factors above.

Start Right Away

One of the best parts about weighted pillows is that it’s a tool for athletes that can be started immediately for better sleep recovery. Results and benefits are immediate and can get better over time. It may take a few nights of trial and error to get used to it, find the right positions, and use the weighted pillow.

If you have any concerns about the use of a weighted pillow or its side effects, speaking with your healthcare provider is a great option. They can review your medical history and discuss the different benefits the pillow can offer.

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