Creative Ways to Attract More Members to Your Fitness Club

Creative Ways to Attract More Members to Your Fitness Club
Written by Vertical Wise

Fitness marketing is a tricky area due to the increasing level of competition among gym owners. People are becoming better with their marketing skills, which is making it more expensive to advertise. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to attract more members to your fitness club. There are simple but unique strategies you can use to increase traffic to your gym.

Branded Gifts/ Products

Most people like carrying their training gear and other essentials in their bags. You can take advantage of this by offering branded bags to every member who subscribes to your gym. Other gifts you can offer to your members include branded t-shirts, mugs, and water bottles.

Since water is a must-have during any training spree, you can opt to offer customized bottled water to the members. Ensure your gym’s name is on any merchandise or gift you decide to offer to your clients. Giving customized bottled water not only helps to sell your name but also creates a sense of class. Check out this custom bottled water service to order yours now.

Offer Discounts for Referrals

It’s possible to encourage your current clients to get their family members or friends to tag along. One of the easiest ways is by offering discounts in the form of fee waivers. You can make this a percentage-based discount whereby the more people a person recommends, the bigger the discount they get for a given month.

You can also come up with a way of accumulating bonus points. For instance, you can offer a given number of points for every referral. Members can later redeem these points in terms of a one-month fee waiver.

Offer Free Meal Plans

The biggest challenge among athletes and people who are trying to lose weight is maintaining a proper diet. Since most people lack the discipline to eat healthy, offering free meal plans can benefit them a lot. You can include this on your website or social media pages as an additional benefit that members get from subscribing to your services.

Offer a Free Training Day for Non-Members

We all love free things. Advertise for free training days by inviting non-members to use your facilities once in a while. Use social media to encourage people to take advantage of such offers. Make this more enticing by indicating that there will be a fitness expert to help during the training session.

To avoid the congestion that may arise when too many people show up, schedule a specific day for every person who shows interest. This helps you to invite all interested persons on different days. Besides social media, you can distribute flyers within your locality to announce the same. There’s a big possibility that those who come for the free session will later be interested in joining your gym.

Create a Fitness Challenge

People enjoy competing and taking part in various challenges. If you are operating an all-round gym where people come for weight lifting, weight loss, pole dancing, or any other form of fitness, you can create a monthly challenge to make things more fun.

For instance, you can challenge people who are working out for weight loss to see who will lose the most pounds within a month. This can be a fun way to keep the members motivated and also attract more people to your fitness center.

Bottom Line

Keeping fit is an essential part of our everyday lives. All you need to do as a gym owner is to provide the best conditions to attract more members. Use these wise marketing strategies to be ahead of your competitors.

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