The Eyelash Shedding Cycle: How Many Eyelashes Do You Naturally Lose Each Day

The Eyelash Shedding Cycle: How Many Eyelashes Do You Naturally Lose Each Day
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Welcome to the world of eyelashes, where beauty meets biology. In this exploration of the eyelash shedding cycle, we delve into the intricate dance of your lashes – those delicate yet protective strands that frame your eyes. Ever heard the one about how losing an eyelash means you’re not getting enough sleep? It’s a tale as old as time, whispered among friends, read in old wives’ tales, and even once mentioned by that well-meaning aunt at a family gathering. But let’s set the record straight: while a good night’s sleep has countless benefits for our overall health and well-being, those occasional stray lashes you find are not holding you accountable for that late-night movie binge. 

The shedding of eyelashes is a natural part of their life cycle. So, don’t let anyone guilt-trip you into an earlier bedtime because you lost an eyelash. But how much eyelash loss is normal, and what influences this delicate cycle? Read on to learn more

How Many Eyelashes Do We Lose Daily?

Every time you glimpse an eyelash on your cheek or fingertip, a familiar question might pop up: “How many eyelashes do you lose a day?” It’s a thought that has crossed many minds, especially when it seems like those lashes are bidding adieu a little too frequently.

Here’s the reassuring truth: on average, you might part with 1 to 5 eyelashes daily. It’s all part of their natural renewal process, ensuring fresh growth and keeping your lash line healthy.

Individual experiences may vary, of course. Some might occasionally find themselves on the higher end of that range, while others barely notice any fallen lashes. Factors ranging from age and health to daily habits can play a role in this subtle dance of growth and shedding.

And a quick side note for those who’ve thought crying sessions may be accelerating the lash loss: it’s not the tears causing the fallout. If you find more lashes departing post-teary episodes, it’s likely the rubbing or friction that’s nudging them loose, especially if you’re vigorously wiping away mascara-laden tears.

Anatomy and Life Cycle of an Eyelash

Eyelashes aren’t just about aesthetics. Deep-rooted in our eyelids, these tiny hairs play an evolutionary role in guarding our eyes from debris and moisture. But beyond their protective function, the life cycle of an eyelash is a fascinating dance of growth, transition, and rest.

Anagen (Growth Phase)

This is where the magic begins. During the anagen phase, your lashes are actively growing, and this period can last several weeks. Surprisingly, only a fraction of your lashes are in this phase at any given time. It ensures that while some lashes are growing, others are resting or shedding, giving your eyes a consistent fringe of lashes.

Catagen (Transition Phase)

Now, this is the behind-the-scenes phase where things slow down a bit. Lasting a couple of weeks, this is when the lash stops growing, and the hair follicle shrinks. Think of it as a brief intermission before the final act.

Telogen (Resting/Shedding Phase)

This phase answers the question of why we find stray lashes on our cheeks or pillows. Lasting for several months, the telogen phase is when the eyelash rests. Eventually, the hair will shed, making way for a new lash in the anagen phase to take its place. Don’t fret; this shedding is entirely natural, and the circle of life continues for our lashes.

Factors Influencing Eyelash Growth and Shedding

Every eyelash has its own story, and while the general cycle is consistent, several elements can affect their growth, strength, and shedding rate.


As we age, many things about our body change and our eyelashes aren’t exempt. You might have noticed how a baby’s lashes seem enviably long and dense. As time marches on, lash growth can slow, and they may become finer or sparser. It’s one of those natural progressions akin to the way our skin or hair texture might evolve.

Diet and Nutrition

Just like your skin and hair, eyelashes thrive when nourished well. A diet rich in proteins, biotin, vitamins E and C, and other essential nutrients can support more robust and healthier lash growth. On the flip side, a nutritionally deficient diet might leave them more brittle and prone to shedding.

Hormonal Changes

Hormones play a massive role in hair growth and shedding, and that includes your eyelashes. Moments in life, such as pregnancy or menstruation, can bring about hormonal shifts that influence your lash cycle. For some, pregnancy might bestow fuller lashes, while others might observe a slight increase in shedding.

Health Conditions and Medications

Some health conditions, like thyroid imbalances or alopecia, can impact eyelash growth. Additionally, certain medications list hair loss (which includes eyelashes) as a potential side effect. Always consult a healthcare professional if you believe a health condition or medication affects your lashes.

Cosmetic Procedures

While mascara and eyelash curlers are everyday beauty tools, they can take a toll if used aggressively. Regularly yanking or pulling can stress the delicate eyelashes, causing premature shedding. Moreover, eyelash extensions, if not applied and cared for correctly, can strain the natural lashes and potentially hinder their growth.


In conclusion, understanding the eyelash shedding cycle is not only fascinating but also essential for maintaining healthy and beautiful lashes. Knowing that losing 1 to 5 eyelashes daily is a natural part of this cycle can put your mind at ease. Additionally, recognizing the various factors that influence eyelash growth and shedding, from age and nutrition to hormonal changes and cosmetic procedures, empowers you to take better care of your lashes.

Remember that your eyelashes play a vital role in protecting your eyes, and nurturing them with proper care and nutrition can lead to stronger, more resilient lashes. So, embrace the natural ebb and flow of your eyelash cycle, and if you ever have concerns or questions about your lash health, don’t hesitate to consult with a healthcare professional or beauty expert. Here’s to a lifetime of flutter-worthy lashes!

Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with eyelash shedding in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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