Aerial Yoga Guide for Beginners and Beyond

Aerial Yoga Guide for Beginners and Beyond
Written by Vertical Wise

Welcome to our Aerial Yoga Guide! Aerial yoga has significantly gained popularity over the past years. But what is Aerial Yoga? What are its benefits? What do you need to know before buying an Aerial Yoga Hammock? This article provides the essential information you’ll need before your first Aerial Yoga class!

Aerial Yoga Guide for Beginners and Beyond

Just like traditional yoga and aerial acrobatics, you can now learn Aerial Yoga almost anywhere.

The Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga offers numerous benefits. It combines yoga, Pilates, callisthenics, and aerial fitness using an aerial hammock. Suspension fitness allows you to delve deeper than traditional yoga forms while simultaneously working your entire body. As an exercise, it strengthens the entire body, especially the core.
Practitioners gain flexibility, endurance, and spatial awareness, and can create a variety of graceful acrobatic figures and impressive dance movements with their bodies.
For yogis practising inversions on the ground, such as handstands or backbends, the fabric supports you while in the pose, helping you build strength, flexibility, and confidence. So, expect to spend a lot of time upside down!

Hot Tip!

If you’re interested in starting any high-demand aerial activity, Aerial Yoga can be a good introduction to inversions and an excellent way to strengthen and prepare yourself for high-demand activities such as aerial silks, aerial hoop, and trapeze.

If you are interested in learning Aerial Yoga, we always recommend taking classes with a trained professional before considering getting your own hammock for home practice. Please do so only if you are ready to practice unsupervised and have a full understanding of safety issues.

What is an Aerial Yoga Hammock?

Aerial Yoga Hammocks come in different forms and lengths, depending on the company manufacturing them. Some have long tails with handles for hands and foot placements for extended stretches, while others have none. Some are made from thin fabric, while others are thicker. Some are stretchy, while others are not as much.

Aerial Yoga Hammocks

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At Vertical Wise, we have created three sets:

  • 5m Hammock – Suitable for commercial and home use, for rooms with a height of 2.2-2.5m.
  • 6m Hammock – A typical choice among gym owners and yoga studios, for rooms with a height of 2.5-3m.
  • 7m Hammock – Suitable for outdoor use and rooms with a height of 3-3.5m.

Safety and Tips

Aerial Yoga is an interesting and enjoyable form of exercise that has captivated thousands of people worldwide. However, some important precautions need to be taken to enjoy the benefits of Aerial Yoga safely.

Below are some tips to protect yourself during Aerial Yoga practice:

Choose the Right Size of Aerial Hammock

Ensure that the Aerial Hammock is suitable for your height and weight. Also, make sure that the fabric is of good quality and has no damage.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict your movements and protects you from injuries.

Use Equipment Safely

Ensure that your equipment is approved and properly installed. Do not attempt anything that exceeds the limits of the equipment.

Considering Purchasing and Installing Your Own Aerial Hammock?

If you are considering buying your own Aerial Hammock, there are some things you should take into consideration. First and foremost, make sure that the aerial hammock you choose is suitable for your level. Also, check the size of the fabric and ensure that it fits in your space.

  • How high is the room where it will be installed? The minimum height required for most aerial activities is 4m. However, for Aerial Yoga Hammock, the minimum height required is 2.5m.
  • Do you have at least 2m of unobstructed space in every direction from where you want to hang your hammock?
  • Where will you store the crash mat?
  • What is the weight-bearing capacity of the structure where you intend to place it?

These are some of the crucial factors to consider when thinking about getting your own aerial yoga hammock, and it’s something we cannot advise you on.

We always recommend consulting with specialized professionals when considering home or studio installation, as there are construction, spatial, and insurance coverage issues.

Other Aerial Yoga Equipment

Whatever you do, do not be tempted to use cheap materials. Hooks, carabiners, etc., with very low prices, are not designed to withstand human weight and are not intended for this use. Additionally, you should be cautious of products claiming to be able to hang safely from a door frame.

First Use

When hammocks are new, they may initially feel very elastic, but this will pass shortly as the weave tightens with use. Until then, you should know how to tie the knot and adjust the height of the hammock.


In summary, Aerial Yoga is an excellent choice for those seeking a different and effective workout. With the use of an Aerial Hammock, you can perform various exercises at different difficulty levels and enjoy the benefits of inversion therapy. However, it is important to consider safety tips and choose the right equipment for your level.

If you are considering getting into Aerial Yoga, you simply need to visit a specialized instructor or studio, who will provide you with the necessary guidance and advice to enjoy a safe and effective workout. By following these tips and practising the correct techniques, you can enjoy all the benefits of Aerial Yoga and improve your physical and mental well-being.

Have you tried aerial yoga? Share your experiences and tips in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you.

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