Workout at home VS workout at the gym

Workout at home VS workout at the gym

Workout at home VS workout at the gym. Getting involved with exercise can be something enticing for many of us.

  • The lack of free time in our daily lives,
  • the insecurity we may feel through our interaction with other people,
  • the physical fatigue that we might feel at the end of the day as well as
  • the economic crisis of recent years

are some of the factors that can dissuade us from getting any practice at all.

When it comes to practice at the convenience of your own house at any time, without any additional financial burden doesn’t sound that bad.

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Workout at home

Why choose to train at home?

  1. Self-confidence

Some people, especially those who begin training now, may find it intimidating to enter a space filled with athletic people. They may feel bad about their bodies and they feel disappointed or get discouraged, without ever really admitting it and as e result, they might quit going to the gym. Home, on the other hand, can be the ideal solution for those who want to exercise without thinking that other people are staring at them.

  1. Greater comfort-ease

Many would prefer to have the comfort to exercise without having to leave their home to go to a gym. In this way, they avoid a specific preparation process, which could lead them to quit training. By contrast, at home, everyone can exercise anytime, depending on when it suits him better (even ten push-ups a day is better than nothing!).

  1. Cost reduction

The monthly fee that must be paid and the amount one must pay in any workout space in order to use its facilities, in general, can greatly increase the cost of someone’s exercise outside the home. By contrast, by buying some rudimentary equipment, we can comfortably train at home, thereby reducing the cost.

  1. Greater commitment

By creating your own gym at home, you can avoid certain distractions created by the world moving around you. The external stimuli (voices, music, noise, some nice presence that just passed!) are limited, therefore attention and interest are focused on what you actually began doing (workout).

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  1. Configuration of space

Certainly, a lot of houses do not have suitable space for a person to practice because it might be inconvenient or we might just don’t like it, but because of lack of other options or just because it’s a good solution we overlook its drawbacks. Training at home gives the opportunity to configure the space around us and equip it accordingly and also choose the music that we like.

Workout in the gym

On the other hand, there are also advantages in training in a certain area (gym, fitness, dance school etc).

A fitness area can provide facilities which are not available at home varying from equipment to human interaction.

  1. Equipment

A well-equipped fitness area can offer us what we need, depending on what each person is involved with (fitness equipment, poles, silks, hoops – if you are doing aerials or pole dance). Beyond this, however, one can have access to areas with a better floor, taller ceilings, enough layers for protection and anything that can make workouts done more easily and correctly.

  1. Trained personnel

Certainly, all the information we can get from the internet can help us with our training, and even plan a full-length program every day! But it is not the same when there is a coach next to us, showing and explaining the right way to practice. The interpersonal relationship with someone who knows more about the sport can help to understand things better.

  1. Motivation

The culture behind training changes when we get in contact with more people. We learn to listen to those around us, to get ideas, to set higher goals and to constantly strive to become better. Surely, by having a coach beside us showing us new things can be highly motivational.

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  1. Fun

Being part of a team, a group of people who share the same passion with us is definitely better than being alone. Time goes by faster, we enjoy our training and we share our ideas with those around us!

You just have to try it both ways, check which one suits you and include exercise in your everyday life!

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About the author

Melina Boukouvala

Melina’s first contact with Pole Dance Fitness was in December 2012, after her friend encouraged her to try it out. In 2013, she moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, where she began to be involved in pole dance classes and activities more actively and intensively. In December 2013, she started to teach.
In 2014, she took part in her first competition in Denmark, where she won the first prize (Danish Pole Championship - DM, PRO category, 1st place). In February 2015, she participated in the competition Battle of the Pole, in Prague-Czech Republic, in the lions / lionesses (professional) category. In February 2016, she participated for the first time in a contest organized in her own country: the Greek Pole Dance Championship by RAD, which took place in Athens. In May 2016, she participated in Pole Theater Greece, in the Pole Art-Professional category, and won the first place.
Melina has now returned to Greece and is working as a Physiotherapist, Pole Dance Fitness instructor and Pilates instructor. Anyone who knows her well describes her as an athlete with the heart of an artist! She is the founder and owner of the new creative hub in Athens city centre named CirQ'ulation Locale (pole, pilates, yoga, flexibility classes and lots of workshops and events).

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  • Well for me, I really prefer working out at home as long as I have the right equipment I need. 🙂