The Unexpected Advantage: 8 Reasons to Consider High Heels for Pole Dancing

Ψηλά τακούνια στο Pole Dancing: 8 λόγοι που θα τα δείτε με άλλο μάτι
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If you’re into Pole Dancing, you’ve probably heard about Pole Dancing shoes, also known as high heels. These specially designed shoes have a platform and a high heel that ranges from 12-24 cm, making them a must-have for any pole dancer. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 8 convincing reasons to wear high heels for Pole Dancing.

Improved Performance

Pole Dancing shoes are made of materials that cling to the pole, making climbing easier and more efficient. This saves up energy and allows you to perform better during your routine.

Amazing Comfort

Despite their height, Pole Dancing shoes are surprisingly comfortable, even after several hours of dancing. This is because the shoes have a padded cover on their outsole that provides cushioning and support for your feet.

Vibration Absorption

High heels are known for absorbing vibrations, which is essential for Pole Dancing. When you’re performing on the pole, vibrations can throw off your balance and make it difficult to execute certain moves. Pole Dancing shoes help to minimize these vibrations, allowing you to focus on your routine.

Round Toe Box

Pole Dancing shoes have a round toe box, which prevents them from getting stuck on the floor during your routine. This is important because getting stuck can cause you to lose your balance and potentially injure yourself.

Flattering Leg Appearance

Wearing high heels during inverted moves can be extremely beneficial because the additional weight stretches your legs downward, making them look longer and leaner. This can enhance the overall appearance of your routine and boost your confidence.

Facilitates Spinning

High heels provide momentum, which makes it easier to spin around the pole. This allows you to execute moves with more fluidity and grace.

Improved Body Posture and Leg Movement

Wearing high heels can improve your body posture and leg movement, making your routine look more polished and professional. This is because the shoes force you to stand up straight and engage your core muscles.

Intense Exercise

Finally, wearing high heels during Pole Dancing can make your routine more intense because it requires more effort to execute certain moves. This can lead to a more challenging workout and better results.


When selecting Pole Dancing shoes, avoid those with spikes or any protruding material as they can cause damage to the pole or scratches on your body.

In conclusion, Pole Dancing shoes are a must-have for any pole dancer looking to improve their performance and comfort. They come in various shapes and colors, and their benefits include improved body posture, leg movement, and a great alternative to traditional weight-lifting exercises. So why not add a pair of high heels to your Pole Dancing gear and take your routine to the next level?

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