8 convincing reasons to wear high heels for Pole Dancing

8 reasons to wear high heels for Pole Dancing
Written by Vertical Wise

There are specially designed Pole Dancing shoes such as pumps, sandals or boots. They consist of a platform and a high heel whose height varies from 12-24 cm. The platform is proportionate to the height of the heel, making the shoe comfortable to walk in. They come out in different shapes and colors.

Apart from their appearance, Pole Dancing shoes (high heels) can improve your performance in dancing…

  1. They save up energy because of their materials which cling to the pole and therefore climbing is easier.
  2. They provide amazing comfort even after several hours because pad covers their outsole.
  3. High heels absorb vibrations.
  4. Their toe box has got a round design in order not to get stuck on the floor.
  5. In addition, they flatter the legs during invert moves because the additional weight stretches them downward.
  6. Also, their weight facilitates spinning.
  7. Improve body posture and leg movement.
  8. And finally, they intense the exercise since more needed.


Avoid using shoes with spikes or any protruding material as they might cause damage to the pole or scratches on the body.

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