Reasons and ways to clean the pole

Reasons and ways to clean the pole
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Cleaning the pole is very important and it should be done before, during and after the end of your training for 2 main reasons:

  1. While in use, dirty residues from sweat and dust are left onto the pole, making it slippery and therefore dangerous.
  2. Cleaning is necessary for our hygiene, especially if we share the pole with other people.

Keep in mind that accumulated dust and greasiness may cause damage to the pole over time.

When choosing a cleaning product you should:

  • Not base your purchase only on the budget you have
  • Check if the product causes skin rush.
  • Check if the product is compatible with the material the pole is made of.
  • Always consult the pole manufacturer.
  • Use it wisely.

When and how do we clean the pole?

Ideally, cleaning is necessary before we start practicing, during practice (depending on how intensive it is) and after its completion.

In order to clean the pole we use a clean towel or a cotton cloth which must be washed after every use, to remove germs and avoid any kind of infection. Avoid using fluffy cloths which might leave small fibers on the pole.

Which products should we use for cleaning?

Pure alcohol

It helps us clean the pole and the hands as well by preventing the creation of greasiness from sweating. Also alcohol is the perfect antiseptic and disinfectant.

Use: Spray a tiny portion on the towel/cloth and clean along the pole.


It’s use is similar to the alcohol use. It is appropriate for poles which are used for many hours and by many people during the day, because it is a solvent substance and it can remove greasiness easily. Also, it keeps hands dry and makes our grip steadier.

Use: To be used in moderation because it is harmful to the skin! Pour some of it on the towel and rub your hands with it. Inhaling acetone might cause drowsiness or dizziness.
Make sure it is compatible with the material of your pole.


It may be an unusual way of cleaning but it’s a good and cheap alternative solution.

Wet wipes

A product with a lot of advantages. They are small and easy to carry and they can be used both on the pole and our body. They can save time because there is no need to wash any dirty cloths.
Warning: Use wet wipes which contain alcohol, without any moisturizing or conditioner cream.

Spray for glass

A popular choice which is recommended by pole manufacturers. Alternatively, you can use vinegar which is chemical-free and offers the same results.

Dish detergent

Clean with lukewarm water and dish detergent. Never use a sponge. The piece of cloth must not be too wet otherwise water will remain inside the joints of the pole.



Formulated with pole care and cleaning in mind, X-CLEAN is made for X-POLE products. Cleaning thoroughly and leaving a beautiful non-slippery shine, X-CLEAN can shift even the most dried on grip residue easily.

Removes residue from grip aids, grime, or sweat. It dries really fast and leaves nothing but a clean, shiny pole.

Simply spray a small amount of the softly-scented cleaner on a towel/cotton cloth and rub it on your pole.

Why you need X-CLEAN:

  • Quickly removes unwanted grip buildup, oil and grime – saves you valuable time!
  • Fast drying and NO residue
  • Smells nice – soft orange scent
  • Excellent for floors and gym equipment too

X-CLEAN is not suitable for powder coat, brass or silicone poles.

It’s our responsibility to keep the environment clean. In order to do this, we should be informed about the features of each product.

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