Tips for Maintaining Physical Activity as You Age

Tips for Maintaining Physical Activity as You Age
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Physical activity is crucial for maintaining good health and well-being, especially as we age. However, it can be challenging to stay motivated and find ways to keep moving our bodies. In this article, we provide valuable tips and strategies for maintaining physical activity as you age. Whether you’re in your senior years or approaching them, these suggestions will help you stay active and improve your overall well-being.

How to Keep Moving Your Body Throughout Life: Tips and Strategies

Everyone knows that exercise is important for your well-being, but it can be easy to make excuses to stay on the sofa rather than be active. When you do have a busy schedule, it’s understandable why you would prefer to put your feet up after a long day.

However, if you want to stay in good shape and even give your mental health a boost, it is important to try and make more of an effort to get out and work out.

Below are some tips on how you can help keep your body moving throughout your life, even well into your senior years.

1.   Find Ways to Make Exercise Fun

Sometimes, working out can feel like a chore, which can be very off-putting. If you want to get into a good exercise routine that you will stick to, the first thing you need to figure out is how you can make exercise fun.

Choose an activity that you enjoy, such as dancing, for example, or going for long hikes in the countryside if you like being out in nature. You could even ask a friend to join you when you go out for some exercise and turn it into an opportunity to socialize as well.

2.   Make Small Changes

You could also look at making smaller changes to your habits to help keep moving and stay healthy, rather than throwing yourself into an intensive exercise regime. These small changes could be as simple as taking the stairs more often than the elevator or escalators.

If possible, choose to walk or cycle to work instead of driving (which will also be better for the environment!) You could even start to take a short walk on your lunch breaks to get some fresh air and stretch your body after working at a desk all morning.

3.   Do Stretches Every Morning and Evening

If you notice that you wake up with aches and pains, doing some stretches in the morning and before you go to bed might start to soothe them.

Bad posture or a lack of movement throughout the day can cause muscles to seize up or cause strain that leads to this discomfort. If the problem is severe enough, you might need to see a physiotherapist or chiropractor for help.

4.   Get the Right Support

If you are a senior citizen who is struggling to stay active due to limited mobility or other issues, it could be time to look at getting some additional support for your day-to-day life as a way to keep yourself in good health.

Moving to a care home like the ones on offer at could be a great way to help you stay active. They can help you with basic daily tasks and perhaps even get you to exercise classes or do some gentle stretches with you as part of your daily routine.


By implementing these tips and strategies, you can continue to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle as you age. Remember, it’s never too late to prioritize physical activity and make positive changes for your well-being. Start incorporating these suggestions into your daily routine and experience the benefits of maintaining physical activity throughout your life.

We would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts and experiences on maintaining physical activity as you age in the comments below. Let’s inspire and support each other on our journey to healthy aging.

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