What a pole studio should know before launching classes for kids?

What a pole studio should know before launching classes for kids
Written by Tracey Simmonds

Here is why Tracey Simmonds thinks that Pole Fitness could be one of the best forms of exercise for young people and children.

I believe that children and adolescents should take part in regular physical activities for the benefit of their physical and social well-being, so why not Pole Fitness?

Benefits of young people taking regular Pole Fitness classes:

  1. Encourages a fit and healthy lifestyle
  2. Encourages discipline and commitment
  3. Improves motor skills including coordination, balance and spatial awareness
  4. Improves strength, mobility and posture
  5. Encourages team skills and socialisation

Any studios wishing to start teaching children’s Pole Fitness classes should consider some serious issues.

Children vs Teenagers:

Keep these classes separate due to the differing needs of the group.

Small class sizes:

Keep young people engaged and well supervised by keeping student-teacher ratios low.

Class planning:

Start with a fun but thorough warm up. Plan a balanced variety of skill-based, strength, mobility and interactive exercises.

Working with minors:

Instructors should be certified in Pole Fitness instruction, certified in teaching exercise to young people, Paediatric First Aid certified, insured and legally authorised to work with minors.
Written parental/guardian’s consent must be provided for every child taking part in the class.
Adhere to national legislation on working with and safeguarding children.

Marketing of classes for children and adolescents:

Children’s Pole Fitness classes must be promoted thoughtfully and specifically for children and never parallel to adult ‘Pole Dance’ classes.

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About the author

Tracey Simmonds

Tracey Simmonds is a self-professed pole nomad. She has over 10 years experience working in pole fitness: performing, competing, running studios, instructing, instructor training and a little blog writing every now and then.
Tracey originates from the United Kingdom where she started her pole fitness career, later she moved to South Africa to set up her own studio and establish the South African Pole Sports Federation.
Tracey continues to be a full-time pole fitness instructor and business owner. She is an experienced instructor trainer and mentor offering accredited pole fitness instructor courses internationally.