What you shouldn’t wear in an Aerial Acrobatics class

What you shouldn't wear in an Aerial Acrobatics class
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Inspired by circus performances, Aerial Acrobatics is a form of gymnastics which offers amazing benefits and it is gaining more and more fans worldwide. If you intend to start one of these aerial acrobatics sports you should know what a proper outfit is necessary.

 Unlike Pole Fitness, where the body should be exposed, the Aerial Acrobatics require no contact with the skin and it is preferable to stay dressed to protect yourself from burns and bruises.

General instructions

  • Avoid loose clothing. Because it folds this can inhibit your movements
  • Wear tight and comfortable clothes
  • Jeans and shorts must be avoided
  • Prefer cotton fabrics because silk and synthetic ones will cause slipperiness
  • Select clothing without metal parts e.g. zips or belts, as it may cause damage to your equipment-especially in aerial silks. Additionally, they can get stuck and cause injuries
  • Remove your jewellery
  • Keep your hair in a bun or a pony-tail. Use elastic bands not plastic barrettes
  • Appropriate options are: a t-shirt, leggings, overalls, bodysuits and long-sleeved shirts
  • Ask your instructor if you are unsure of which fabric is appropriate


What to look for

Aerial Hoop

Because using the back of the knee is the way to hang from the aerial hoop, it is important to wear clothing that keeps it protected. For extra protection wear long leggings that extend to the knee (legwarmers.) It is allowed to wear socks.

Aerial Silks

Ankles should be free, especially in the first courses. Socks increase the degree of difficulty so being barefoot gives you a better grip. Your back should be covered because this is the most common spot where burns happen. For extra protection wear two layers of clothes because of the pain caused by the tight aerial silk.


As in aerial hoops, the Trapeze is performed by using the back of the knee. So here you should wear long leggings for extra protection. You can wear socks or be barefoot. To protect your feet, ankles and lower legs from the burns you can get special leather legwarmers designed for Trapeze.


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Have a good workout!

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