Everything You Need To Know About Tongkat Ali

Everything You Need To Know About Tongkat Ali
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Want to know what Tongkat Ali is and what it can do to benefit our bodies? Get all the information below.

The herbal therapy of Tongkat Ali is grown in Malaysia and Indonesia. For several decades, it has become a part of the traditional South Asian healthcare. This is used to cure multiple forms of illnesses, including erectile dysfunction, bacterial infections, respiratory infections, and many more. In recent years, science has proven its usefulness for enhancing libido and sexual health.

Studies have suggested that Tongkat Ali can relieve stress and improve body composition besides all of its sexual life benefits. The natural production of testosterone hormone, also known as a sex hormone, is also increased. Tongkat Ali is not only useful for males but also for females. So let’s know what exactly Tongkat Ali is.

What is Tongkat Ali? 

As said before, Tongkat Ali is an herbal medicine that comes from the roots of the Eurycoma longifolia, a green shrub tree. This tree is a native type of tree in Southeast Asia. This tree is used traditionally in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and other Asian countries as a cure for some diseases and problems. Additionally, Tongkat Ali contains alkaloids, flavonoids, and other compounds that are antioxidants.

Antioxidants are some compounds that fight cellular damage, which is caused by molecules, and it benefits your body in many ways. Tongkat Ali is usually consumed via pills, and it has an extract of the herb.

Health Benefits of Tongkat Ali

Many Tongkat Ali Benefits are yet to be researched. Some studies suggest that it may treat infertility, increase muscle mass, and improve mood. Also, there are more benefits of Tongkat Ali, including-

Increases The Testosterone Levels

Tongkat Ali has the capability to increase testosterone levels in men with low testosterone levels. That is also known as the primary sex hormone, and it is well-documented in all kinds of studies. High levels of testosterone hormone can make you a great athlete. Low levels of testosterone can result from chemotherapy, aging, radiation treatments, injury, specific diseases, or testicle infections. Also, obstructive sleep apnea and chronic alcoholism can also cause low levels of testosterone.

A study has researched low testosterone in 76 older men who were taking 200 mg Tongkat Ali extract each day. Later, they found out the levels of testosterone have increased significantly for the 90% of the participants. So both humans and animals will have sexual arousal and improve their erectile dysfunction after taking Tongkat Ali.

Another study where 108 men aged around 30 to 35 took 300 mg Tongkat Ali for 12 weeks, which increased their sperm volume, and its motility was enhanced from 18% to 44% on average.

Relieves Stresses

Tongkat Ali can decrease the stress hormones in your body. Stress is something that is caused by our own body hormones. Additionally, anxiety and mood improvements can be made via Tongkat Ali too.

In 1999, a study first pointed out the possibilities of mood issues treatment by the Tongkat Ali extract. It was even comparable to any common anti-anxiety medication of that time. Even though the research is limited, the anti-anxiety effects of Tongkat Ali are remarkable.

Another one-month study has tested 63 adults who had stress issues and supplemented them with 200 mg of Tongkat Ali each day. It decreased the stress hormone cortisol in saliva by 16 percent. Even though these tests are promising, more tests are needed with humans to verify Tongkat Ali’s full potential.

Improves Body Composition

Tongkat Ali increases athletic performance and the muscle mass of any individual. It’s because Tongkat Ali has compounds called quassinoids, such as eurycolactone, eurycomaoside, and eurycomanone. All of these help your body to utilize energy more efficiently, decrease fatigue, and increase endurance.

The supplement can act like an ergogenic aid, which is a substance to enhance physical performance and build up body composition. In a 5-week long study of 25 adults who used 400 mg of Tongkat Ali extract daily, people’s muscular strength increased drastically compared to a placebo.

These studies suggest that Tongkat Ali can have ergogenic effects, depending heavily on the dose and its time of treatment. However, further research is needed.

Side Effects and Dosage

Some studies of Tongkat Ali in humans did not report any kind of side effects at all. The daily dosage of 300 mg Tongkat Ali is safe as a placebo. Studies have found taking 1.2 grams of Tongkat Ali extract each day to be safe for adults. Contrarily, no studies can examine its long-term use, which makes it unclear if Tongkat Ali is safe as a supplement or not.

One study testing the mercury content of 100 Tongkat Ali supplements from Malaysia had 26% levels of mercury, which was more than the recommended limit. Eating too much mercury can result in poisoning and also memory problems, mood changes, or skill issues. Keep in mind that the side effects of Tongkat Ali in pregnant or children are not researched yet.

Should You Take It?

Tongkat Ali can decrease anxiety and improve body composition, but research regarding it is still limited. As mentioned above, it can cure low testosterone, bad libido, and male infertility. Tongkat Ali does not have any blatant side effects; about 400 mg daily can be used for short-term usage without any worries.

It is not yet confirmed if Tongkat Ali is beneficial for long-term use. Keep in mind that supplements can be contaminated with mercury. Also, they are not well balanced and can have more or less Tongkat Ali than its label. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not consume Tongkat Ali because of limited research in this area.


Tongkat Ali is still suggested as a supplement to treat low testosterone, anxiety, male fertility, muscle mass, athletic performance, etc. Still, keep in mind that the research is not fully done. So take advice from your healthcare provider to know the good brands of its suppliers.

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