Pole Dancing in the Olympic Games

Pole Dance in the Olympics
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It is quite peculiar how a sensual dance, originating from the Burlesque cabarets, evolved and became a universal sport.Pole Dancing has gained publicity as being the perfect method of fitness while it is quite possible that it will be recognized as an Olympic sport.

Online signature petition

The International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) organizes an annual competition for more than 30 countries and quite recently, an online petition, funded by Vertical dance and Lab fitness, was created and it is about the addition of Pole Sports in the Olympic Games.

Excellent physical condition

According to the petition, which has been signed by 6455 people, the level of physical condition and the skills required to perform the exercises could be easily compared to those of figure skating and gymnastics.

What is IPSF?

It is a non-profit organization, dedicated to promote Pole Sports as a sport. It is run by volunteers, members of Pole Sports Industry and it was mainly created to publicize this sport worldwide. Thus, IPSF supports individual athletes as well as national federations. Another important aim is the recognition of Pole Sports as an Olympic sport.
In 2012, IPSF organized the 1st International Championship in Pole Sports which is held every July in London. The contestants are more than 150 in total and they come from about 30 different countries.

The categories in which they compete are as follows:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Double
  • Masters (40+ and 50+)
  • Youth (10-14 and 15-17)

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