What is Aerial Sling?

What is Aerial Sling?
Written by Dimitra Atesi

Aerial Sling (hammock, loop) belongs to the family of Circus and Aerial acrobatics.It is a long piece of fabric, hanging from the ceiling, forming a swing. What is distinctive of this fabric is, its length of approx. 2 meters, which allows the acrobat to get his whole body into it, as if it was a huge hammock and perform a number of poses and drops.

The fabric is smooth and very elastic at its length but not so much at its height. This makes it stable. And this way, the acrobat can use techniques similar to trapeze. If he/she climbs on it, he/she can also perform tricks similar to Aerial silks.

Aerial Sling can be static, spinning or swinging like a hammock.

No previous experience is needed for someone to start Aerial Sling.

On the opposite, it is considered to be a great starting point for anyone who wants to engage in the aerial arts, because of its shape that offers excellent support, as the trainee concentrates on getting his/her arms and legs in the right place, therefore it is not required to use too much strength to hold onto the sling.

It exercises the whole body, especially the core.

The trainee acquires flexibility, stamina and a good sense of space. He/She succeeds to create with his/her body a variety of elegant, acrobatic shapes and impressive dance movements. As we progress through practice and aerial play, the body gets in impeccable physical shape and new paths open up for the trainee who is transformed to a dancer, translating anything that used to be an exercise in a dancing sequence and artistic expression.

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