10 tips for a proper and healthy nutrition

10 tips for a proper and healthy nutrition

These 10 tips will give you the necessary guidelines for proper and healthy nutrition.

Guidelines for healthy nutrition:

1) You should have small, frequent meals throughout the day.

2) Increase fluid intake such as tea, fruit and vegetable juice, coffee as well as water.

3) Increase the portions of fresh fruit and vegetables especially those in the season.

4) Opt for whole-grained cereal, pasta and bread, brown rice, bulgur, buckwheat and quinoa which are carbohydrates rich in fiber, vitamins and protein.

5) Opt for low-fat dairy products. In this way, you will limit the consumption of saturated fat especially if you consume frequent portions throughout the day.

6) Avoid eating processed meat products and replace them with sandwiches with boiled chicken or turkey.

7) Replace processed fruit juice with fresh fruit or fruit smoothies.

8) Choose Greek super fruit such as black raisins,saffron from Kozani, rosemary, pomegranate, carob, pistachio, bulgur etc.

9) You should limit the consumption of processed foods such as biscuits, croissants or chips because they are rich in trans fat.

10) You should consume more olive oil, nuts, oily fish and avocado.

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