The Health Benefits of Consuming Fresh Meat

The Health Benefits of Consuming Fresh Meat
Written by Vertical Wise

Ever wondered if that sizzling steak on the grill is good for you? The answer might surprise you! While there’s been some debate around meat consumption, fresh, unprocessed meat offers a surprising range of health benefits. Let’s dive into the world of protein, iron, and vitamins, and explore how incorporating moderate amounts of meat into your diet can be a recipe for a healthier you!

Discover the benefits of eating fresh meat for your health.

Is Meat Healthy?

There are several benefits to including meat in your diet. For example, meat is a good source of protein. Meat is rich in nutrients that are key for growth and development, including the following;

  • Iron, which is good for ensuring a healthy flow of oxygen around the body
  • Zinc to ensure growth, a strong immune and reproductive system, and healthy skin
  • Vitamin B12 regulates the nervous system and
  • Omega 3, for your heart and brain health

Incorporating meat into your diet, ensuring it is consumed in moderation and with plenty of other food types, is a great way to have a balanced diet. A balanced diet means you eat a variety of fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, and starchy foods in healthy portions. This will enable muscle and body growth and development, brain health, and other benefits for the body.

How Often Should You Consume Meat?

Consuming meat in a balanced diet is healthy, but it is important to ensure you are not having too much, as this may lead to health complications.

One issue due to the high demand for meat is that most meat is processed. This means it has chemicals and unnatural preservatives, making it more unhealthy than organic, free-range meat.

Eating too much-processed meat has been known to increase your risk of bowel cancer and risk of high blood pressure due to the high levels of salt. 70g of processed meat is the daily recommended amount.

Types of Meat

There are different types of meat, each with its benefits for the body. Red meat includes lamb, beef, mutton, venison, and goat. On the other hand, white meat, also known as poultry, includes chicken and turkey.

Chicken is one of the most popular meats as it is high in protein and low in fat. Not only is it affordable, but the high source of protein, vitamins, and minerals makes it a popular choice of meat. Many people use chicken as a base for stock or broth, which is perfect for use in rice or soups.

Another popular choice of meat is beef. It holds large amounts of iron, zinc, and Vitamin B12, which, as mentioned above, are important for growth and development and general health. The high levels of iron are good for preventing or tackling anemia, an iron deficiency.

Providing Meat for the Poor

Thousands of charities around the world raise money to feed people experiencing poverty. In many countries, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Palestine, and Sri Lanka, animals are sacrificed to feed the impoverished. Many of these people live on rice or bread and do not have a healthy intake of meat and protein. So, by providing poor people with meat, the risks of malnourishment and diet-related illnesses decrease. Muslims give money every year to feed the poor in this way through the giving of Qurbani.

So, what is Qurbani? Qurbani is the religious obligation upon which Muslims can sacrifice an animal, namely a sheep, goat, or cattle, between the tenth and twelfth days of Dhul Hijjah, the final month of the Islamic calendar.

The giving of Qurbani commemorates the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim and his willingness to sacrifice his only son for the sake of God.

One Qurbani performed can feed tens of people, including children and older adults, some of the most vulnerable groups of people.  Not only does giving charity help others, but it can make you feel good.

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