The Top 5 Things People Say to a Pole Dancer (And How to Respond Like a Boss)

The Top 5 Things People Say to a Pole Dancer (And How to Respond Like a Boss)
Written by Vertical Wise

Stepping onto the dance floor and captivating the audience with your graceful strength? Sounds like you’re a pole dancer! But along with the awestruck compliments might come a few head-scratching comments. Here’s how to navigate those conversations like a pro.

Pole dancing. It’s an art form, a fitness regime, and a total confidence booster. But let’s be honest, it also sparks some interesting conversations. Whether you’re a seasoned poler or just starting your first class, you’ve probably heard a thing or two that makes you raise an eyebrow.

So, how do you handle these sometimes-awkward comments with poise and maybe a touch of humor? Buckle up, because we’re about to tackle the top 5 things people say to a pole dancer, along with some stellar responses to keep the conversation flowing smoothly.

1. “Isn’t that a bit…stripper-ish?”

This one might take the cake for the most common misconception. Here’s the thing: pole dancing and stripping are about as different as night and day. While both involve movement and sometimes revealing clothing, the intentions and overall vibes couldn’t be further apart. Pole dancing is an athletic and artistic expression, requiring immense strength, flexibility, and coordination. It’s about celebrating your body and pushing your physical limits.

How to respond:

  • Educate with a smile: “Actually, pole dancing is a super challenging and empowering form of exercise! It’s all about strength, control, and expressing yourself through movement.”
  • Embrace the humor: “Well, let’s just say there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye (and trust me, my arms are feeling it!)”

2. “Wow, you must be really strong!”

This one’s spot on! Pole dancing builds some serious muscle. Every climb, hold, and invert requires immense core strength, upper body power, and a whole lot of grip strength. So yeah, pat yourself on the back if you hear this one – it’s a well-deserved compliment!

How to respond:

  • Own it: “Thanks! It takes a lot of work, but it’s so rewarding to see my strength improve.”
  • Invite them to try it: “You wouldn’t believe how much strength you build just from a few classes. Want to give it a shot sometime?”

3. “Can you, you know…?” (accompanied by a suggestive wiggle)

Ugh, the dreaded innuendo. Here’s the thing: pole dancing is for everyone, regardless of body type, gender, or sexual orientation. It’s about celebrating your body and moving with confidence.

How to respond:

  • Set boundaries with humor: “Hey, let’s keep it classy, alright? This is about athleticism, not…” (make a playful face).
  • Shift the focus: “The coolest part about pole dancing is how much you learn about your own strength and flexibility. It’s amazing what your body can do!”

4. “Isn’t that really dangerous?”

Safety is paramount in pole dancing, just like any other physical activity. With proper instruction and a focus on technique, pole dancing can be incredibly safe and rewarding. In fact, many studios incorporate safety principles into every class, teaching proper falls and progressions to minimize risk.

How to respond:

  • Reassure with facts: “Safety is a huge priority in pole dancing. We always learn the proper technique before trying anything new.”
  • Highlight the benefits: “It’s actually a great way to build strength and improve your coordination, which can help prevent injuries in everyday life too!”

5. “That looks really hard. I could never do that!”

Pole dancing has a reputation for being intimidating, but here’s the secret: everyone starts somewhere. The beauty of pole dancing is that it’s a progressive practice. You’ll build your skills and confidence one class at a time. Plus, the pole dance community is incredibly supportive and encouraging.

How to respond:

  • Be an encourager: “It’s definitely challenging, but so rewarding! You’d be surprised at what you can achieve with practice.”
  • Offer camaraderie: “Hey, if I can do it, anyone can! Why not check out a beginner’s class with me”

Wrap Up: Owning Your Pole Dance Journey

So there you have it! The next time someone throws you a curveball comment about your pole dancing passion, you’ll be equipped with the perfect responses to keep the conversation positive and informative. Remember, pole dancing is about so much more than what it looks like from the outside. It’s a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and celebrating your unique strength. So, hold your head high, embrace the journey, and keep on conquering that pole!

Ever heard any interesting (or weird!) comments about your pole dancing hobby? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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