7 Ways Traveling can Improve Your Health and Well-Being

7 Ways Traveling can Improve Your Health and Well-Being
Written by Jean Deruiter

We all have our own reasons for traveling. Some of us do it to escape the stress of daily living, while some travel miles to visit a family member or a friend.

Whatever our reasons are, it all comes boiling down to one thing: Traveling is good for our health and well-being.

How? Here are seven ways that prove the effects of traveling on our holistic self.

Planning a Trip Makes Us Happy

Even before we start with the whole travel thing, planning comes first. And planning alone can liven up our mood.Seeing where you are headed, making a detailed itinerary of the trip, picking out the perfect carry-on dimensions for the trip, and even planning your OOTDs during the trip could easily make us happy and gay.

That’s what a 2002 study by professors at the University of Surrey in the U.K. realized after conducting research. People really tend to feel more alive when anticipating a trip that’s happening in a few months, weeks or days.

With a vacation in sight, we feel good about our overall well-being. Being happy means, we’re in a better state in life no matter what our economic situation is.

In fact, a Cornell University study even proves that anticipating a trip makes people even happier than buying an item that practically says traveling is better therapy than shopping.

Travel Whips Us Into Shape

We all know how traveling can turn us into an instant foodie. But no matter how many local delicacies we try, it still gives us a better opportunity to burn more calories than when we’re at home.

All the walking we could do from our hotel to a tourist spot or a nearby restaurant instead of taking the train or the bus is still considered an exercise. In fact, even going around an amusement park is a good way to burn all the holiday calories we got.

In a matter of hours, you would probably take at least 20,000 to 30,000 steps, and that’s a win for your fitness routine.Even when you go on an island getaway, swimming and other water activities will help you get in shape while having fun.

Traveling Reduces the Risk of Depression

With the surge of mental health cases all over the world, traveling comes at the forefront of all the ways on how you can beat depression and other illnesses.

Traveling allows us to leave our worries behind even just for a short while, and give our minds a break from all the anxiousness and breakdowns.

A 2005 study made by the Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin backs that claim when they found out that women who travel at least twice a year are less likely to suffer from depression and stress.

Make it a habit to spend some time with nature to really feel its effects on our mental health.

Traveling Enriches Your Life

Our daily routine can be daunting and boring at some point. It gets a little bit more mundane as we go along our day to day activities. And if we get stuck living around this lifestyle, in no time, you’d feel less and less motivated to be productive and efficient.

Well, if you’re in that place in your life right now, it’s not too late to pull yourself up. Travelling has become more accessible now for almost everyone. A simple getaway to a nearby beach or mountain could help adjust your perspective about the life you are living.

Another study from Cornell University said that traveling is more enriching than buying expensive things.

It Boosts Your Creativity and Immune System

And because traveling stimulates our creativity, it does affect our well-being down to the cellular level.

When we prioritize our creative senses, it signals our body to boost our immune system. It’s a cycle that could help shield our body from unwanted illnesses — travel to boost your creativity, and your creativity will help strengthen your immune system.

Imagine how effective traveling is to protect our body without really having to go through extensive check-ups and medical routines.

We’re not saying it’s a complete alternative to medicinal care, we’re saying it’s a fun way to double protect your overall health.

It Sharpens Your Mind

Paul Nussbaum, a clinical neuropsychologist and professor of neurological surgery at the University of Pittsburgh, said that international travel could literally grow your brain.

It seems impossible, right? But it has been proven among older people.

It can even diminish the chances of acquiring Alzheimer’s when we reach a certain age.

That is why traveling is a favorite activity by many. It doesn’t only give us the relaxation we’re craving for, but it also helps improve our thinking by being exposed to different classes of sceneries and situations that could sharpen the way we perceive things.

It can be a Healing Experience

Being miles away to the things that broke us, whether it be a social situation, a health scare, or a personal problem, traveling can advance our healing process.

With the immense sense of relief, we get from breathing in new experiences brought about by traveling, we trick our bodies and minds into thinking that we’re on our way to full recovery, and in no time, we’ll be back to our old self — more alive and happier.

Whether you’re feeling weak due to an illness, or feeling blue caused by a recent personal dilemma, traveling is one effective way to help you get over. In fact, more than being a natural healer, it’s an even better preventive measure from actual health deterioration.


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