Achieve Pain-Free Aerial Exercise: The Power of Acupuncture

Achieve Pain-Free Aerial Exercise with Acupuncture

Are you looking to enjoy pain-free aerial exercise without restrictions? Imagine being able to enhance your performance in pole and aerial acrobatics without worrying about pain or movement limitations. Acupuncture offers a unique approach to relieving tension, injuries, and muscle pain, allowing you to fully embrace the freedom and joy of your favourite activities.

Pain-Free Aerial Exercise: Enhance Your Performance

Did you ever think that acupuncture could effectively relieve tension or injury without the use of medication?

Dealing with the pole and aerial acrobatics is a delight. The freedom and satisfaction you feel when doing your favourite and very demanding air activities, without fear of pain and restrictions of movement is something invaluable.

The Challenges of Pain and Movement Restrictions

But there are times when suddenly, after your exercise when you had not practised a good warm-up routine or sometimes gradually and sneakily, due to repeated movements where you don’t uphold the right stance in the body, you felt pain and as such you had to restrict the range of your movements, but also due to the frequency of doing your favourite exercise. This does not allow you the progress in pole or in aerial acrobatics, something that you so much desire. You fear that it will become worse and think that in order for it to pass you must abstain from them. When you feel the source of the pain, great sensitivity can be caused to the tough, but also can this pain can affect pain in other neighbouring areas. You note that the range of motion in your favourite exercises is limited, but the particular muscle group, from where pain emanated, is weakened.

The Role of Trigger Points in Muscle Tension and Pain

Many times we can say that the muscle is ‘tense’, sometimes it can be referred to as “being affected by cold winds”, or it is just “injury”. What matters though is that small groups of muscle fibres palpitate and remain in this condition (trigger points), resulting in a reduction of perfusion of the specific spot.

This situation leads to the release of local substances that create the feeling of pain. The restrictions on movement that the trigger points result in can create corresponding problems elsewhere on the body, as they set into motion other corresponding mechanical movements, in order to avoid pain and protect the suffering of the muscle. Corresponding actions created are likely to overload other muscle groups, healthy as of that specific moment, which was not used to such movements.

When this happens, often resorting to abstaining from exercise for relaxation purposes, or taking pain/muscle relaxants and massage and physiotherapy are all methods utilized. All of them need time and the result is questionable.

Acupuncture: Expedite Relief and Recovery

A method that can expedite the result is deactivating these trigger points with acupuncture.

The Acupuncture Procedure

The procedure is the following: The doctor feels the area for the most sensitive and hard muscle points along with the general area that hurts. A very fine and sterile disposable needle via a specific technique is used which attempts to cause automatic rhythmic contractions of muscle fibres, something like shaking. This, if achieved, is tantamount to the solution or relaxation of trigger points. The patient will feel tense for a few hours, such as the feeling after vigorous exercise, but the other acute pain will have subsided. You may need 2-3 repeat sessions to complete the therapeutic effect.

Restoring Mechanical Equilibrium with Acupuncture

Whether the trigger points are caused due to overtraining, a bad attitude, chronic stress from daily activities or abrupt movement, acupuncture restores the mechanical equilibrium of the body and soon you will be back … in the air!

Get Back in the Air with Acupuncture

In conclusion, acupuncture provides a valuable solution for pain-free aerial exercise. By targeting trigger points and releasing the tension, acupuncture helps restore the mechanical equilibrium of your body, enabling you to excel in your aerial acrobatics. Don’t let pain hold you back from reaching new heights in your performance. Experience the benefits of acupuncture and get back in the air!

Have you tried acupuncture to enhance your aerial exercise? Share your experiences and insights in the comments below! Let’s support each other on our pain-free aerial journey.

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Ourania Karolina Koliopoulou is a graduate and a doctorate of the Medical School of Athens, specializing in Midwifery and Gynaecology along with Biomedical Acupuncture. She is an accredited instructor of birthlight yoga for pregnant women and has a European licence in Homeopathic medicine. She has participated in a plethora of publications both in Greek as well as in Foreign Science Journals, in medical conferences and in Refresher training. She has taken part in programs designed to educate adolescents, in televised informative shows on medical matters and has written a number of informative medical articles in Journals with varying thematology. She works pro bono and provides her medical services for the SOS foundations for children. She has also dabbled with dance and is a runner of medium distances.

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