Anastasia Skukhtorova in Athens. Snapshots of her visit

Anastasia Skukhtorova in Athens. Snapshots of her life and workshops
Written by Vertical Wise

We had the pleasure of meeting Anastasia Skukhtorova in person· an accomplished athlete, an agile dancer and a pole dance instructor that has an extremely flexible body and her performances seem to resonate passion and deep emotions. She is currently one of the best Pole Dancers in the world!

She started Pole Dancing  in 2008 at the age of 18, and by 2009 she started winning titles with the pinnacle of her success being placing first in the World Pole Dance Championship in 2010.

We had the opportunity, when she came to Athens for training at the Eastcoast Pole Dance Studio in Nea Makri, to chat with her and spend some time admiring her unique technique and capabilities.

Anastasia Skukhtorova

Anastasia visited Greece for the third time.

Anastasia Skuktorova in the "Contortion" theme workshop

Anastasia showed the girls how to make their upper and low part of the back and the shoulders more flexible.

Anastasia Skuktorova workshop

Also they learned how to do Rainbow Marchenko, Cocoon, Eagle (bielman) and Pearl etc. and they were able to give it a try.

Anastasia Skuktorova 17

But they also tried tricks that require more power.

Anastasia Skuktorova 19

Different kind of dead lifts, reverse elbow grips, forearm and arm handstands

Anastasia Skuktorova 32

And also smooth transitions into them.

Anastasia Skuktorova. Performing both on spinning and static poles.

Performing both on spinning and static poles.

Anastasia Skuktorova. Time for a little relaxation between the workshops.

Time for a little relaxation between the classes.

Anastasia Skuktorova 15

During our lovely chat she told us that she saw a difference in the level of the Greek pole dancers since her last visit in Greece

Anastasia Skuktorova 14

All the girls are much stronger and flexible now and it was so easy to train with them.

Anastasia Skuktorova 13

It was also easy to teach them because they were fast absorbers!

Anastasia Skuktorova. Pole classes especially for kids

We also saw children training too as EastCoast Pole Dance Studio has pole classes especially for kids.

Anastasia Skuktorova 23

She never stopped being asked to pose for photos so we asked her if she expected that kind of publicity when she first started pole dancing.

Anastasia Skuktorova. Pole Dancing, was going to change so rapidly

She told us that she never thought that her love, Pole Dancing, was going to change so rapidly. When she first started it, it was more for fun!

Anastasia Skuktorova 12

Training on the pole was giving her all the satisfaction she needed. Then it started being more and more important and bigger and now she is travelling all over the world sharing her knowledge. She also sometimes works for Cirque le Noir.

She plans to move to Denmark with her boyfriend. He is Danish and they have such a great relationship so they want to move together. After that, she will keep travelling and sharing her knowledge and then maybe she will open a studio in Denmark. It’s too soon but she thinks it’s a great idea. 

Anastasia Skuktorova 34

She would like to compete again but she has other things to focus now. Move to Denmark, travel… so maybe next year.

Anastasia Skuktorova 33

“I travel a lot, I think I am used to not being home. And actually I think I want to have a home now because I am travelling almost nonstop since 2011. For 5 years I am travelling nonstop and I think I am a little bit tired so I would like to have my home, my base. I don’t know maybe I will miss travelling a little bit.”

Anastasia Skuktorova 31

“I like high heels actually. By wearing them, make your lines even beautiful and your legs become longer. When I started pole dancing I was dancing with high heels so I like them definitely.”

Anastasia Skuktorova 18

“I am trying to eat healthy. It is a little bit difficult when you travel. It is difficult to have very nice diet but I am trying to drink water. I drink water with lemon every morning, I eat a lot of vegetables, fish. I eat meat but only sometimes. So, it’s more fish, vegetables, fruits and a lot of water. I need to do more massage! I am not doing massage very often but I am trying.”

Anastasia Skuktorova 24

“If I wouldn’t pole I think that I could be good in organizing something. Another thing that I am good at is drawing. Last, I never learned how to sing but I would like to learn!”

Anastasia Skuktorova 30

Anastasia Skuktorova 22

Anastasia Skuktorova 21

Anastasia Skuktorova 26

She would love to come again in Greece and visit different cities and islands.

Anastasia Skuktorova 5

Her boyfriend is a fan of Greece so she would love to come back with him!

Anastasia Skuktorova 25

Anastasia Skuktorova 1

Anastasia with Elvira Dubbeld, the owner of EastCoast Pole Dance Studio on the right and Elli Voulgari, founder of Vertical Wise on the left.

Anastasia Skuktorova 2

Anastasia with Aggeliki Rerra, master instructor of EastCoast Pole Dance Studio and Elli Voulgari.

Thank you Anastasia for the great interview & EastCoast Studio for the hospitallity!


Photos by Michael Tountas

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