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Meet the Spring Pole Camp in Alicante

Meet the Spring Pole Camp in Alicante
Written by Vertical Wise
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This Spring, don’t miss the SPRING POLE CAMP ALICANTE, from March 21st to March 27th, presented by Spartan Studio Alicante and PINK! Pole Dance Fitness Gijón. We certainly couldn’t miss the chance to bring you some insights about the Camp.

What’s your vision?

We hope to provide very high quality workshops, but also have the students enjoy the good weather and culture of Spain. We hope it becomes an internationally well accepted annual Pole Camp and also make the students feel the difference in their skills before and after the Pole Camp.

Actually how did it start

We are two studios organising this event, and we share a very close view towards Pole Dancing. We decided that we wanted to offer a low-cost but at the same time very high quality. It is important to keep Spain on the Pole Dance map, so helping our students taste international stars and communicate with the rest of the world’s communtity has always been a priority for both of our studios.

Where do you see the Camp in 5 years from now?

We have realized that a Pole Camp is a lot of work, and especially an economic effort for Pole Dancers, so we would like to make it a bit bigger, with the same philosothy· keeping it low cost and of the highest quality possible.

How will Pole Dance evolve in the coming years and what is the impact of those changes to Spring Pole Camp?

Pole is not just-at-your-usual-studio anymore, it has become a global community, with SNS as a platform for learning new tricks, techniques, choreos… it is so fast that a trick that was a boom last year feels overused right away. We hope to adapt to that by bringing the latest stars, the latest tricks but also making it a space for new trainings, tricks and choreos, so that our students keep innovating on and on.


Thank you for your answers!!

You can find more info about the Pole Camp here

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