Expert Advice to Pick Exercise Shoes for Flat Feet

Expert Advice to Pick Exercise Shoes for Flat Feet
Written by Sophie Elise

Low arches are more common than high arches. Low arches or arches touching the ground without looking like a curve, is usually called flat feet. If you got low arches or flat feet, you should consider some important stuff while choosing shoes for exercise. In this article, you will find advice to pick workout shoes for your flat feet.
You may want to run or do other exercises with your shoes while having flat feet. Some features in your next pair of shoes will keep you up and give you more comfort and fun. Most importantly, these features will provide you with a pleasant experience of having exercise without getting pain.

Advice to Pick Exercise Shoes for Flat Feet

Expert Advice to Pick Exercise Shoes for Flat FeetFlat feet requires you to have added support to hold your collapsed arches. Shoes that made for high arches will hurt you on the arches and make your workout excessively tiresome. A better shoe insole specially made for flat feet helps to distribute the total weight, so you don’t experience pain at the time of exercise.

Not only the insole, the overall features, and components should be specialized for your flat feet. And, when it comes to cross-training exercise, the shoes should be even more specialized. Because flat feet shoes for cross training require even more customization to meet your requirements.

As flat feet are more prone to cause overpronation, you need a pair of stability shoes. These types of shoes offer supportive features in the midsole area. These shoes generally get extra cushioning around the midsole, which functions to bring the foot to a neutral alignment.

Midsole plays a vital role in padding your feet in exercise. It tends to absorb excessive motion and jarring when you have a workout. Padding in the midsole made with foam or other materials makes it able to absorb shocks. Thus it gives you comfort while taking exercise.

If you have overpronation, you should consider stability shoes. You should take some stuff into account while getting a pair of stability shoes. Look at the medial post that you will find at the inner side of the shoe. The medial post consumes pressure and reduces the pronation motion.

The heel counter is another point of consideration. When you have a workout with the flat feet, the motion of your heels goes up. It puts extra pressure on your heels. Look for shoes that feature suitable heel counter that wraps your heels adequately so it can counter the excessive motion of your heels.

Not only the heel counter, but the overall heel structure also affects your comfort. The right structure keeps you safe while the wrong structure hurt you and give some pain.

Flat feet makes it uncomfortable to have a grip at the time of having a workout. Soles with sharper grip will help you take exercise with more confidence reducing the fear of falling on the slippy floor.

The outsole is also essential when it comes to having exercise having flat feet. Check out if it is designed to allow flexibility of your feet’s movement. Well-built outsoles also contribute to making the shoes durable.

Lightweight shoes are good for flat feet as it gives the comfort of movement. It becomes more considerable when you do some exercise. So, look for this feature in your next flat feet shoes. However, lightweight shoes may be prone to destroy while having exercise. So, also make sure the boots are sturdy enough to support your weight and movement.

You might have heard of the responsiveness of shoes. Some running shoes usually offer this feature. It can provide you with some advantages in exercise as well. So, what is responsiveness in shoes?

You might have noticed companies manufacturing responsive shoes to claim that their shoes will give you additional energy when you run or have exercise. Note, shoes cannot provide you with energy. The fact is, when you step on the ground, you create some amount of energy.

This amount of energy gets lost on the ground before you take the next step. But if your shoes are responsive, they will save some of the energy and will apply it to the next step. This way, it helps you run or do other exercises with ease and some fun as well.

Soft cushioning is another consideration while choosing exercise shoes for flat feet. Shoes with soft cushioning will make your exercise easy, or at least it will not hurt you in a robust workout. So, look for soft cushioning when you go for buying a pair of shoes for exercise.

You may find comfort in shoes that breathe well when you do exercise. An engineered air-meshed upper makes the shoes more comfortable. It keeps your feet calm in laborious exercise.

Some Tips for Having Exercise with Flat Feet:

Expert Advice to Pick Exercise Shoes for Flat FeetWhile having exercise keeps you in good health, you should do it, avoiding any damage to your health. Many issues related to the shoes can affect your health when you do excessive exercise. For example, if you don’t wear the right shoes, you may get hurt on your feet.

Rotate some of your pairs of shoes, so you don’t get bored with the same pair. Also, replace your shoes with a new pair as it gets older because old shoes lose their ability to give you comfort and fun. Stretch your feet when you get some time. It will make your feet feel relaxed.

Certain types of exercises can be suitable for flat-footed people. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons suggests some exercises for people with flat feet. Heel cord stretching, the golf ball roll, exercise with a chair and a golf ball, etc. will be good options for flat-footed people. Here you will find some stretching tips.


The right pair of shoes help you do exercise remaining worry-free about having pain in your heels, arches, or knees. Getting the perfect shoes for your flat feet requires a bit of research. The advice given above covers all the essential considerations you should go through before buying shoes for flat feet for exercise.
One of the essential things you should focus on is whether the shoes support your arches well enough. Then comes the other factors like an adequate heel counter, sharper grip, proper midsole, soft cushioning, and so on. All this advice will help you choose your next pair of exercise shoes for your flat feet.

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