Once upon a time – A fairytale in the land of pole

Once upon a time - A fairytale in the land of pole

This is so cool! Dimitra came up with a fairytale about Pole Dance and guess what· Vertical Wise is the pole dancing princess!

Enjoy and who knows· some day we might see it on the big screen!

“Once upon a time in a kingdom far far away, lived Vertical Wise, a pole dancer, who loved to twirl, spin and dance all day.
She spent her nights learning combos and tricks from youtube, and her days practicing in her specially designed pole dancing cube.
But as the time went by she saw a change in the pole dancing group, not only here and there but from Greece to Guadeloupe.
Pole dancing was changing and the floor work portion was no more, as the acrobatic portion of pole took over in an attempt to make pole more hardcore.
Since the mid-2000’s where the activists fought for recognition, and made changing the opinion of pole dance their life-long mission.
The dance from pole began to fade, and spirals, spins and floor work gave their place to handstands, broken dolls and jade.
The dance of pole was looked down upon, and a different type of pole arose after dawn.
Where bruises and scrapes were each pole dancer’s medal of honour and those who favoured grace and movement felt like they were dishonoured.
Little Vertical Wise was saddened with this change and thought that all of this was very very strange.
Pole dancing is an art from beginning to end and for each individual is different even from friend to friend.
Once can dance around the pole all day if that’s what they desire or invert on the pole higher and higher.
There are different polers all over the land and their types of poling everyone should understand
No one is better and no one is less, one’s type of poling shouldn’t cause him/her stress.
Vertical Wise thought what a great community we would be, if we could just love pole dancing and dance with glee”.

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About the author

Dimitra Kourmatzis

Dimitra Kourmatzis is an Attorney-at-Law by day and an aspiring pole dancer by night. Her first every experience with Pole Dancing 3 years ago proved to be a love-hate relationship - Pole loves to hate her and hates to love her! She has been a participant in a number of performances as an active member of the pole community.
She also provides legal advice on matters pertaining to sports law.

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