First Greek Participation in Plus Size Pole Competition

First greek participation in plus size pole competition
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In Greece, pole dancing has a few years under its belt but yet we still get to live first times that make us proud.

We awed at the HPSF creation , got exited about the Pole Theater competition in Greece and also felt proud of our athletes in the first ever Pole Art Greece along with out first ever junior in an international Pole Art Competition.

This time Dimitra Kourmatzi for the first time in Greece’s pole dancing history will represent our country in the first European plus size pole dancing competition and specifically Kick Ass Curves, which will take place in England on the 24th of March.

Being a plus size pole competitor has its challenges as pole remains a tough sport! This is the reasoning behind the creation of specialized competitions.

What did dimitra say?

I’m exited that there’s a platform that includes that which is different. I only wish that all aspects of day to day life could include such differences so that everyone could do what they wanted how they wanted to in life. Besides the best things in life are those that deviate from the norm – sugar and spice and everything nice . After all with loads of hard work a ton of strength and a large dose of soul power everything is doable

Good luck Dimitra!

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