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Online Μαθήματα Pole Dancing: Μάθετε την Τέχνη του Pole Dance από το Σπίτι
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Are you ready to embark on a pole dancing journey from the comfort of your own home? Open Dance Academy offers online pole dance lessons that allow you to master the art of pole dancing at your own pace. With expert instructors and a 10% discount, you can unleash your inner pole dancer and achieve your fitness goals.

Want to learn how to Pole Dance, but not sure where to start? Online pole dancing lessons are ideal when there is no school anywhere near you or if you do not have the confidence to attend along with others and prefer to learn in a more private environment

The Convenience of Online Pole Dancing Lessons

Registering for an online Pole Dancing lesson is perhaps the most convenient way for you to learn at your own pace. With a choice of online courses, you can learn whenever you have time. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and you are set!

Furthermore, learning pole dance at home is less expensive than taking classes in a school.

Keep in mind, that many of the pole dance lessons online offer lifetime access to their lessons. This means that you can always repeat the lessons as many times as you need.

Safety First in Pole Dancing

Safety is the most important thing when you try a new form of exercise! Pole Dancing is no exception.

Always keep in mind that you are learning at home therefore proceed with caution

Always use a mattress designed for pole dancing, as it can protect you from nasty falls and injuries. As you will learn pole dancing at home rather than in a Studio, it is important to follow these extra precautions.

If possible, always have an observer with you when you attempt moves for the first time. And of course, don’t forget to use a crash mat!

Explore the Enhanced Open Dance Academy Experience

Open Dance Academy continues to be a leading online platform for pole dancing enthusiasts, offering an extensive range of resources and features. With over 450 online Pole Dancing lessons, the academy showcases the expertise of renowned pole dance champions, including Evgeny Greshilov, Yvonne Smink, Jamilla Deville, Maddie Sparkle, and many others. The academy’s collection of simple yet concise video lessons caters to all skill levels, from basic moves to advanced tricks that were once exclusive to workshops.

Who Can Benefit from Open Dance Academy?

Open Dance Academy caters to a diverse range of individuals, including:

  • Pole dancers preparing for upcoming contests seeking inspiration
  • Performers looking to enhance their pole moves repertoire
  • Pole dancers striving to reach their maximum potential
  • Individuals with busy lifestyles, balancing work and family commitments
  • Instructors in search of new course material
  • Enhanced Learning Opportunities

Enhanced Learning Opportunities

The website offers six-course options designed for different skill levels, including beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert levels. Additionally, specialized courses focusing on exotic moves and flexibility are available. Prospective learners can explore Trial Courses to get a taste of the academy’s offerings before deciding to upgrade to Complete Courses. Open Dance Academy provides a user-friendly registration process, with payment options including PayPal and credit card. Once registered, learners can access the lessons from any computer or mobile device, making it convenient to connect from anywhere with an internet connection.

Benefits of Open Dance Academy

Open Dance Academy provides numerous benefits for pole dance enthusiasts:

Renowned instructors

Learn from respected pole dance instructors like Kira Noire, Maddie Sparkle, Daria Che, Marion Crampe, and others, each bringing their unique teaching style and expertise to the platform. The academy offers comprehensive instruction on combos, tricks, floorwork, and even has an extensive section dedicated to static pole, a feature not commonly found elsewhere.

Extensive lesson library

Gain access to over 450 high-quality video lessons, ensuring a wealth of content to explore. Open Dance Academy also offers the possibility of lifetime access, providing learners with the flexibility to revisit and reinforce their learning over time.

Flexible pricing options

Trial classes are available starting from €34, allowing learners to experience the academy’s offerings before committing to a full subscription. Open Dance Academy is often a more cost-effective option compared to traditional in-person lessons.

Mobile-friendly platform

Enjoy the convenience of accessing the website and lessons from mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, enabling learning on the go.

Self-paced learning

Open Dance Academy offers an educational environment free from stress, allowing learners to progress at their own pace and explore their individual pole dance journey.


While Open Dance Academy provides a wealth of benefits, it’s important to be aware of a few considerations:

Repetition of videos

Some videos, such as the ballerina tutorial, may have multiple versions taught by different trainers, each with their own teaching style. While this showcases diverse approaches, it can occasionally lead to confusion.

Independent learning

As with any online platform, learning without direct supervision means there won’t be someone physically present to correct your mistakes. It’s essential to pay close attention to technique and practice safely.

Equipment requirements

Since training takes place at home, you’ll need to acquire the necessary equipment to ensure a safe and effective practice environment.

No spotter assistance

Unlike in a traditional studio setting, Open Dance Academy does not provide a spotter to assist in unsafe situations. Practitioners should exercise caution and prioritize safety during their training.

Discover Open Dance Academy’s offerings today and unlock your pole dance potential with their comprehensive online resources and expert instruction!


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Unleash Your Pole Dance Potential: Embrace the Power of Videos and Human Teaching

While videos can be a valuable resource for learning, it’s important to remember that they cannot fully replace the benefits of human teaching. The guidance and feedback from a skilled instructor are invaluable in refining your technique, understanding proper form, and addressing specific challenges. Online pole dance lessons with Open Dance Academy offer the best of both worlds, providing expertly crafted video lessons combined with personalized support and guidance from experienced instructors. So, while you enjoy the convenience and flexibility of learning at your own pace through videos, don’t forget to seek opportunities for in-person or virtual interactions with instructors to enhance your learning journey. Embrace the power of both digital resources and human teaching to take your pole dance skills to new heights!

Happy poling!

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